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I ordered the Medium (38 inch chest). I'll have to get back to you on measurements, it's half 10 atm and I'm working every daylight hour tomorrow haha.
No, I don't have any of their knitwear. I'm sure someone here will though!
Just got a Jump the Gun Harrington through in Navy.   The sizing down advice rings true if you want the slimmer fit, I ordered a size down and it fits perfectly.   Lovely looking jacket, let's see how it holds up!
I got a pair of black Sta-Prest trousers last week and I'm in the process of breaking in some black 8i 1460 Docs. Incidentally, I wore my Sta-Prest with my Docs for work today and felt like I owned the place (I work in retail and have a uniform policy of white shirt, black tie, black trousers, black shoes so I'm doing my best to incorporate some style into my uniform).   But now, I'm looking to expand and I was wondering what colour trousers you guys on here wear before...
I have had a stroke of luck.   A friend of a friend is one of those guys who goes round buying up dead stock and he came across someone selling DMs advertised merely as 'work boots' and got himself a bargain on god knows how many pairs.   Anyway, I was informed he was selling DMs for £20 a pair. I put it in an order for a pair of black boots and a pair of cherry red shoes.   I was happy with this as it was, saving over £150 total on the two pairs, but then on...
So today was my first attempt at incorporating the styles discussed in here.   I went for a burgundy Fred Perry, tucked into some dark blue Levis 501s, turned up to show some black Brogues.
Thanks again for the informative replies.   I have read that the JTG Sta-Prest's are very slim fitting and as such I feel I am best leaving them alone as I have thick legs.   No, I have no association with Fred Perry apart from a half decade obsession with their clothing. It just seemed like a good avatar because it best represents my fashion tastes. If it's against forum rules or anything I apologise, I'll obviously remove it if so.   I'm sorry, I'm not sure what I've...
I'll watch Quadrophenia, that should give me some ideas
Thanks guys,   The high street shops aimed at the male in my age group consists of what I guess are termed 'hipster' clothes. GEEK T-Shirts, Leopard print etc. I just can't even find as much as a T-Shirt in the high street shops anymore.   I have seen Relco discussed as an affordable option for Sta-Prest trousers (I only have a part time job averaging about £260 a month and I am just about to start uni so money definitely is a consideration). However, I am...
This is the first time I've used the name on a message board as it is the first message board I've been on where the type of person you are may matter. So, I wanted to make it something that represented how I try to be in my life.   So, first time I've had that question haha
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