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I'm 21, and i dress very amer. trad. I'm kinda like Phil...I enjoy having girls ask me why I dress so old-fashioned. I'm not interested in the ones who are into the eurotrash look, anyway.
Are you referring to the CEO Program (approx. $165 US), where just the fabric, neck size, sleeve length, cuff and collar styles are chosen, or what they call Bespoke (really MTM, starting at $165)? Also, why is this post under social life, food and drink?
I like the blazer, gray trouser and brown shoe idea. Can't go wrong in any instance. I believe the "informal" to which KidKim refers is actually a code in which one wears a business suit. Black tie, in that traditional sense, would fall under "evening semi-formal." So, assuming those intentions by the host, showing up in a dinner jacket would definitely be much. Drizzt's idea of wearing a dark suit would apply, but I'd wear a tie, and be prepared to take it off if need...
Alright...been contemplating this for awhile now. A friend (not close--guy I hang out with a couple times/year) dated a girl I now happen to like, starting 3 years ago, and ending just over a year ago. Since then, she's dated one guy for a short period of time. For about a couple weeks, she and I have been hangin out, but I've been reluctant to take things further, because of what my friend will think/say. What does everyone think?
Is it some Versace logo look-alike?
I encourage everyone to try Paul Stuart's polos. You can get em with or without a logo, and cost only $55. IMO, quality equal to Lacoste. Run very full...go with one size down.
I've been checking out Grenson masterpiece shoes on the pediwear site, and according to them, all of their Grenson shoes have a F fitting (from what I understand is equivalent to a US E or EE width). Bennies shoes, on the other hand, lists all of their sizes in the D width. Are Bennies' Grensons manufactured specifically for an American market?
Not quite in New York, but the Nordstrom at Garden State Plaza, Paramus, NJ, sometimes carries Barba shirts.
Now that we've gotten talking about black shoes, I'd like to know, how steadfast is everyone with regards to wearing black shoes only in the evening? I've read in a few places that anything other than black is inappropriate after 6pm in some older circles.
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