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This blog entry gives you the quintessential  guide to sneakers. You really can't go wrong after reading this article     A little bit of history: The beginnings of the sneaker emerged in London in the early nineteenth century. They were created by a police officer who wanted to be more discreet when apprehending suspects! The first part of the word “sneaker” is quite simply a reference to the verb “to sneak.” Hence, it’s evocative of stealth and silence. From...
Over at least three decades, Giorgio Armani has developed the look he invented in the '80s and which lead to his success (it's hard not to); the masculine build, the broad, taken in shoulders... Think back to the gangsters in double-breasted suits, or the Miami Vice era... Once again, we have a cinematographic reference. This sort of inspiration tends to come and go at Armani. This winter, things are more discreet and toned down by all these lovely shades of blue. You'll...
Hello All,   My name Michelle and I hail from Atlanta,Georgia. My company blogs about fashion trends and one of our hottest topics in Men's wear. I'm interested in learning more about the industry, specifically men's fashion. I look forward to chatting with you guys!
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