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That Udeshi scarf is perfection's very neckwear. How do I get one? Their site is spectacularly unhelpful.
Seconding the query on the wall art. A bit distracting from your suit, but apart from the back of the jacket and the aforementioned comments on the trousers, it looks good.
Thank you. Me too. And now I have to restart the search, alas.
That's correct, Tidybeard. But after the first go round, the left one (the slider) refused to slide. Tried the key, tried cursing and threatening, begged and so forth. The elegance of the latch appealed to me, but now I'm worried that, even if fixed or replaced, that it will prove too finicky or delicate for a normal day-to-day workplace/travel environment. It's a bummer.
Just got my Aspinal of London bag yesterday. It's gorgeous, but I opened it once, took out the strap and closed it again. Attached the strap, admired it all at several angles, went to reopen it and, by god, it wouldn't open. Absolutely stuck. Since it's from England, let me restate: Sod that. The bugger's stuck. I'm awaiting a call back from Aspinal. So disappointed.
Quote: Originally Posted by clearshades I would love to attend but am feeling self-conscious. My wardrobe is very much not up to snuff both because I am new to caring about clothes and because of recent weight loss. On the other hand I would love to meet the other local members of this forum and get the collective advice to help get me out of neophyte status. I'm just worried about having to constantly explain that "yes I know this suit looks terrible...
Traditionally, I understand navy blazers should have the gold buttons, but I'm partial to pewter: still metal, but less Thurston Howell III.
Quote: Originally Posted by DaveDr89 ... didn't find anything at STP that looked good ... just called Neiman Marcus RE their sale, none of the Zegna blazers are sale items ... and the Zegna blue blazer in the roma cut is $1695 USD ... any ideas in the $1000-$1200 range? Or should I just wait on the Zegna, although it seems that it's find to find on sale? YOOX seems to have some in the sub 1000 range: Zegna, Prada, MM and Armani, et al. I'll...
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal The Aspinal looks far better, but at that point, what's the price difference with Papworth? Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places? Most of the Papworth computer cases I saw were averaging around US 1,400. Similar SABs were nearly twice that. And both favored the bit more 'equestrian' ye olde tack & saddle look "” lovely, to be sure, just not my taste. And the Tumis, Vuittons, Hermes, Pradas, etc., all...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy ...a touch of Trad styling that makes it work in a lot of settings...". That's a very good point.
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