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I've just scored a nice, if not excessively valuable, vintage navy trench coat from Ebay.uk. The construction seems sturdy, there's little wear, and the fit is slim, which suits me. My only complaint is the buckle: it's cheap plastic and may not be the original, since its style and surface texture is quite different from the buttons. My question is this: is there an online source for these sorts of simple square buckles? Preferably a metal one, or leather wrapped. I've...
I got an opportunity to visit a two Saturdays ago, and was captivated. It's a beautiful store, Sid's incredibly gracious and generous with his time, and I'm planning on two bespoke sportcoats and a week's rotation of shirts as we speak. Atlanta has definitely been needing this sort of establishment. Sorry for the gush, but I was impressed.
Very sharp -- I aspire the same, one day.
I like that tie. That is all.
Quote: Originally Posted by GeorgePaul What, pray tell, is the toe movement? Please don't accuse me of neologistically creating unnecessary jargon; I've heard and had discussions about the shape of a shoe having a movement -- the flow, if you will, from part to part. As a conceit it's no worse, I suppose, than speaking about the music of architecture. Were I to say "the toe of the Burton was dull," well yes. It is. But that shape, as it...
I love black shoes. But I just ordered the Burton, opened the box and sent them back -- the toe movement was dull, and the whole thing looked disproportionate. I ordered some Aldens instead; only a bit above your stated budget, but beautiful look and feel.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano Was it the manager? The gentleman with a beard/goatee? Nope, I didn't see him. I was speaking with (at) an African-American man, mid-thirties.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan ^^ I bet you're young. Ah, were that but so. [Crank the Prufrock strains here.] No, a pretty average middle-aged white guy in sober dress casual. Perhaps a bit bleary from a late night at Bistro du Coin the night before, but nonetheless treated attentively and well by store clerks at previously visited stores. No big deal -- any number of factors could be involved. But... it was my first visit to an...
Not really a helpful response, but I wanted to mention that I went in the Connecticut Ave AE store in DC on Saturday specifically to ask about the Seven line. The salesperson was remarkably indifferent, staring out the window as I spoke to him, giving non-committal responses to my few polite questions, including: "I've seen photos of the Seven series online "” do you have any currently, or know when they'll be arriving? I'm due back in DC in a few weeks, I'd love to...
Thanks, robin. Wish his website were more somewhat more functional, but I may try emailing for the lack of anything better.
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