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I find their trousers to be well made and very functional at that price point. I've picked up several for travel, and recommend them for hard wearing. Jeff, the Baroni proprietor, is a pleasure to deal with and unfailingly helpful with special requests. If my preference for quality and customer service makes me uncool, so be it. Also, my tailor is Italian and his name is stuffed with vowels. He mutters around a mouthful of pins and is openly contemptuous of...
P. Turkey, sorry about the data entry error on my profile. It's corrected, now. That's interesting about the keyhole lapel, uh, hole. I never associated as pro or contra quality, it just was something I noticed. As for the suit, I'll be interested to see how it behaves over time, if the canvas conforms and settles in to my build. Eventually, I'll probably get a few, just for the rigors of business travel.
Well, again, it was the Baroni. I'm a 42L and that's what I ordered given my ignorance of the cut. The shoulders turned out to be fine, but you could have made a quilt out of what was left over from tailoring the waist and skirt, suppressed to fit the rest of my torso. The pants, as mentioned prior, were quite slim, but that was actually quite to my taste. Good workhorse suit. The keyhole lapel buttonhole is a little odd, but that's a quibble for the price.
Damn. Should have read closer: I got the Baroni, not the MV. Customer service would remain the same, of course.
I got one based on the AAAC review and was pretty pleased. The jacket was huge, but alterable, and the pants were surprisingly nice. I might just order more for odd trousers. It was reassuring that my favorite tailor (Mario Bosco, in Atlanta) was quite complimentary about the construction. He's been scathing towards some of my other suits, especially Zegna, so I tend to respect his honesty. The best part was dealing with Jeff ('The Wizard? -- dunno). Extremely...
Are suede belts only appropriate for sportswear?
Thanks for the recommendation, drink8648 -- Burberry was less than forthcoming.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Just say, the buckle on your Burberry coat needs replacing. I confess to doing just that. They, clever bastards, said "Fine! Bring it in. We'll send it off to be fixed." Perhaps brand control? Are their buckles that idiosyncratic?
The Burberry folks at the store seemed a little puzzled by my request, so I've emailed the mothership. We'll see how that goes.
Didn't see them on Burberry's site, but I can call their Atlanta store tomorrow, and see what they say.
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