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I purchased the Allen Edmonds Melrose for just this purpose "” they're surprisingly sleek for AE, and don't look unsuitable with a variety of dress options, shy of a business suit. I endure a lot of travel for work, so opted for the durable and useful, and haven't been displeased.
Thank you both for the input -- makes sense not to make it something it isn't, so to speak.
Was curious about this forum's opinion regarding the tailoring of a duffel coat. Does it make sense to pay to make this style more fitted? Specifically, I'm a 42L but slim (10" drop) and dislike all the billowy quilt of material around the waist in an otherwise excellent duffel coat. But I fear the end result may look odd, bulky up top, cinched in the waist. Your thoughts appreciated!
I certainly like mine. The quality of manufacture, compared to BR, Gap, etc., is easily apparent.
I just got the black ones today (hurrah!) and they are damn spiffy.
That's an excellent idea about the buttons. By 'beater,' I suppose I was considering my travel history; e.g., the amount of stuff spilled on me on by stewards, weird biological smears unnoticed and leaned against in cabs, suspicious moisture plummeting from the sky, etc., it would spare me much anguish if I hadn't paid all that much for a jacket, but still felt confident in wearing it. The style concerns -- 'dated' vs. 'timeless' -- I'll have to parse. Still...
Hey, thanks for all the input. gdl203, may I ask what makes it look dated? Is it the lapel width?
Been looking for a decent, slim but inexpensive jacket I could use for travel. Found this on Ebay, and while the lining is a bit, um, astonishing, I thought that with tailoring it might be the beater I need. Thanks for the feedback.
[quote=Lucky Strike;927437]The obvious: Murano glass jewellery, like these cufflinks in a semi-millefiore technique: Gosh, that's beautiful. Hope you find similar.
Please: good at the price point. And Costco pants are pleated, which I despise. Arguing on the internet, feh.
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