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Probably seems a foolish question, but what belt do I wear "” probably with jeans, mostly "” with my new Truewhite Vans? Brown? Black? Military style web belt? Appreciate any insight.
Look, just look, at how the 'i' joins the 'n.' It makes a discernible -- and unpleasant -- noise. Then observe further: the cramped dot over the 'i,' the flaccid 'S' and the inching 'M.' The meaningless crossbars on each 't.' It's painful.
Picked it up yesterday, immediately ordered another in navy. It's an amazing suit for the price. Thanks again for all the advice.
I despise SteinMart's logo, and so consequently have never considered going inside. It's an occupational hazard for those in the design trade.
Went down to Lenox and got the Anthony in charcoal. A little unnerved by the tailor on site -- he was brusque and indifferent at first, but I kept asking questions and making sure the fit was precise, and he eventually relaxed a bit. The jacket was nearly perfect, but the pants require major surgery, so we'll see how that goes. Also purchased some captoes in brown; the sale made them irresistible. Again, thank you for the advice.
Sweet. Thank you all for the helpful insight.
Need to buy, in a hurry, an OTR slim fitting suit. I'm a creative, but don't wish to be inappropriate in the various corporate milieus I'm found in. Have a MTM Samuelsohn that didn't turn out so well (pre-SF) and an Isaia navy pinstripe which is nice, but perhaps not the thing for interviews and presentations. Since I'm slim, tall and broad-shouldered, the RLBL Anthony suit looks appealing. The BB Fitzgerald is another option. Both are on sale, but that's not relevant to...
Hope I made the right choice -- went for broad applicability: Comfort Craftsmen in Whiskey. If someone has the same, I'd appreciate a bit of reassurance...
Beautiful trench -- may I inquire as to the brand and source? Alain Delon always buckled his trench in a customary manner. That seems pretty conclusive.
But there wasn't many responses. Does anyone have options they would suggest for belts that work well with the Indy Boot?
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