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It's been almost a year since I've posted something here, I'd like to contribute by sharing some of my fits along with you guys.   SS14 (size 3)/SS13 (size 2)  SS13 (jacket size 1, pants size 2)/Docs Regarding fw15, it's my favourite yohji collection in a while, very classic yohji DNA there. The collection might not be as strong as his 2000s shows, but the double layers. raw edges and contrasting hue is spectacular. It's also great to see he revisits details from previous...
The suit looks great , nice fit!
  doing selfie with new SS01 shirt, 90s Y's for men navy pants and regulation boots.   @trouble I agree with Shah that hakama looks really good on you 
Hi everyone, I'm visiting Tokyo next week. Does anyone know thrift store which carries second hand Yohji? Thanks in advance!
His best show in recent years! 
  Yohji interview with V&A
One of the best Yohji piece for sure 
  sizing up to size 3
Not feeling those neon in yohji collection, I have trouble dealing with bright colors It's good but not great. The long shirt in the end was stellar!
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