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Well, I've progressed beyond Stage 2, but I'm not happy about it.
Yikes, that's a killer deal - if only I were a bit taller.
My wife asked that same question, without the smiley face.
Specifically, Pelican Hardigg Cases:  
Nothing, actually.  But you need good containers if you want nothing protected, and these are the best.    
 I'm an order of magnitude over that, so $200 doesn't surprise me.  Total weight is 333 lbs and also pretty bulky - in the end the pallet was about 4' x 4' x 6'.   I ended up arranging the shipping myself and found a price comparable to eBay's, so hopefully it's all O.K. Thanks.
We're both in the US.  I get the feeling that they guy doesn't know how to use bay's shipping.  I've never sold anything through eBay, but my understanding is that they get killer rates and if you use their system all you have to do is print off a label.  When I asked the guy about that, he was like 'I can do that?'
Quick question for sellers - I just purchased multiples of an item off eBay, and of course was given a shipping quote for everything.  The seller has contacted me and says that he can't ship at that rate and wants to charge more.  He says that ebay's shipping calculator isn't working correctly for multiple items.  It does make some sense, since the cost to ship 1 item was $51, and the cost given to ship 18 was only a bit over $200.     Anyway, I feel like I'm being...
Of all the terrible things a dry cleaners can do to a suit, using perc is pretty far down the list. I just took a bunch of stuff to a cleaner that was recommended to me. Two flannel suits came back so stuffed with sizing that they felt like cardboard, the lining in another jacket was ripped, the collar of another had been pressed so that one lapel rolled three full inches lower than the other, and yet another suit had been given such a heavy handed pressing that the...
Not uncommon here as well.  That Luciano Barbera jacket I copped was listed as a 50 but with an oddly small 20" pit to pit.  I thought since it was unlined, I might have a chance of squeezing into it.  Turns out it's actually 21.5", and being unlined, a bit big.  So it goes.
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