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Like any other fashion house, Boss makes clothes of varying quality.  I've seen Boss jackets I wouldn't want to be seen in, but then I've also got a fully canvassed Boss suit from Barneys that looks great and fit perfectly when I got it.  Too big for me now unfortunately - or fortunately, rather.  I have a few Boss sport coats in my closet, too, that I wish I could still wear.
 Wasn't me.  I got the AE saddles, which I almost bought in the latest BB sale but never did.  
 I couldn't resist picking up one of these myself, even though I just splurged on a Barba tuxedo shirt from STF not two weeks ago.   I also grabbed a shell cap toe and another pair from Steve's latest thread.  Many left to choose from... http://www.styleforum.net/t/411406/new-thread-8-19-brooks-brothers-shoes-boots-peal-co-alden-allen-edmonds-red-wing-black-fleece/0_80
Try Sierra Trading Post Congrats on the weight loss, btw.
Same here.  I have a feeling that with everyone holding back, David is going to be inundated with orders whenever this mystery is revealed.  
I bought a pair of some smooth calf 1461's a year or so ago, thinking I'd find a way to wear them but instead they've sat in the box unworn.  They're like these, a bit of a step up from the usual DMs, which might be the problem - they just seem out of place with anything I try to pair them with.  
One specific example I read about just this week is Patagonia's wetsuits.  They partnered with a company called Yulex to develop a plant-based "neoprene".  Instead of asking for an exclusive in return, they're encouraging their competitors to adopt the product, too.  They lose their competitive edge, but with the extra volume they hope to get the price down to a level that will allow them use the material for their entire line of wetsuits instead of just the most expensive...
The plug worked - I'd have missed it had I not seen it here. I've been wanting to check out the K jackets for a while now.
It's difficult to place many of the fashion house brands on this list.  I recently bought a Jil Sander RTW Tailor Made off of B&S which is clearly fused, no handwork, etc, and the fabric merely so-so.  Worth the $200 I paid and nothing more.  It's definitely hit and miss with these labels.
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