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Well, as you have all been waiting. Now Mr. Kalra 2411 is a friend of mine, Avnish Kalra he lives in Kinver, in the west midland near Birmingham. He is a wealthy kid, his father owns a brass hardware company, and deals with cars as an offshoot. He is not Mittel, however like me he does know Mittel and we regularly meet, we both go Bromsgrove School, (a private school). We are both millionaires, but neither of us are LM. So there you have it, if there are any more...
Well, What have we here, the story of Kalra2411 and LM, this really is a pile utter, utter shit. I will only reveal the story when some request's it, just type in after me, the story and i will tell it................................. I know him, Avnish Kalra.
Kalra, what more utter shit is this, uh, the fucking nerve you have talk this bollocks, attending a meeting in Islington, fucking hell, the biggest pile of shit, you were with me, Avnish Kalra, son of Ashwan Kalra, AKII. What are you doing telling all of this crap, it will make no one listen to you on style forum, when they find out about this shit. You were with me going to the design business centre in Islington high street for the new designers exhibition with our...
Thank you Milanostyle.
Ladies and Gentlemen, If there is one thing in life that is, it is that Saddam Hussein is the greatest man alive, now come this is a fact Saddam wears the greatest suits available, now lets not piss around, some of you AMERICANS may not argee, but who are you? Hah, american, hah.
Kalra2411, Kalra 2411 cut the bollocks, NOW. You are defiantly not Lakshmi Mittal, because for one thing you are, Avnish Kalra from Kinver, in West mids. Hey, and guess what I now you, you idiot and I also know Lakshmi Mittal, due to his Mayfair flat is two away from mine. What are you doing Avnish? This is madness, K-I-D, guess who?
[img]C://My Documents/My Pictures/Picture/Fashion/Picture 737.jpg[/img]
Kalra 2411 That is your Dior homme top, I have one also you have seen it.(Traffic warden, SHIT.....! Dior homme is the greatest brand available, cult brand, correct, but one difference, dior homme is a feature of design and tailoring, you are not paying for the brand, but the superb design of Hedi Slimane, yes, there maybe elements of CD but it is an extra and Dior's stamp on Slimane's designs. £350 for the Dior Neon Yellow hoodie, is worth it, however you did not pay...
What do you feel are the ways to go for Business, and formal, in the suit department and accessories? Your opinions, on every possible detail, modern or traditional?
(Looking good Mr. Kalra,)Kalra2411 Anyway, the Louis Vuitton shoe range for men is good range of shoes combining style and quality, as stated higher quality than Tod's but not a match to Berlutti or Lob, lv shoes are far more "bill board" than Berlutti or lob, in fact more so than Gucci and the GG. The lv lombok loafer is a nice relaxed shoe with jeans, but far from a formal shoe, the lv monogram canvas models are bill board like and good for advertisement of wealth and...
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