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Oh. I thought you were busy crashing weddings.
Apologies for the late afternoon shade.
You mean this one? It made me laugh, too. FlyingMonkey:"I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal."
Yes, but how many of the poor creatures must die in order to make just one sweater? Oh, wait...It's ribbed for YOUR pleasure, Re. The ribbing and the high collar are key factors in making it warm and cozy.Then again, if you're just trying to stay warm in the privacy of your own home, why even bother with a sweater? [[SPOILER]]
As it happens, I've been looking for the very same thing for quite some time now. I wasn't able to find anything I liked in a brand that I trust to last very long, but here are two pairs in the price range you specified.Mercanti Fiorentini Men's Leather Wingtip OxfordBoss Black Hankie Lace-Up WingtipsI tried AE Players, but returned them because the left one hurt my foot and they were more tan than brown. I also tried Carmina Fitzgerald shortwings (for Epaulet), but they...
I'm of the opinion that shoes ought to be pretty damn comfortable right out of the box. If they're slightly uncomfortable I'll wear them around the house on carpeted surfaces for a few days in my leisure time, which only amounts to about an hour a day. If they're still not comfortable after that, back they go.
Don't be so modest. You're quite diplomatic.
Good questions! Those of us who couldn't attend want some vicarious thrills, please.
As one of the the primary skeptics in this thread, it's only fair that I place this here: Meta-analysis indicates that acupuncture relieves pain. Although the jury is still out until the gold standard has been applied -- the gold standard being a series of peer-reviewed, double-blind, control-group studies -- it's not unreasonable to now conclude that acupuncture may indeed outperform placebos at certain kinds of pain relief.
So where did you guys take your shoe circle pics, and how many people asked what the hell you were doing?
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