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Thank you for the detailed feedback. I am hoping the maker will see fit to start over again instead of trying first to improve the fit with alterations.
Something went very wrong with the proportions of this MTM suit jacket. It fits me like maternity gown. I'll be taking it back to the maker in a few days, and I'd like to know the correct tailoring terminology to describe what went wrong. I have a feeling that this problem, whatever it is, can't be fixed with alterations, but I'll gladly accept advice in that area, too.
Hi fellas. Long time, no post. [[SPOILER]] Suitsupply suit, Napoli fitHemrajani shirtDrakes tieWang PSBB knotsCK socksC&J Hallams
Let's get Mitt Romney to pin him down and paint his ankles.
This one's beggin' for Mr. Sam or Clapeyron.
Brace yourselves, gentlemen. I won that tie in a contest run by SF affiliate Ties-Necktie.com, and I'm deeply embarrassed by the fact that I didn't realize it's made of polyester until I'd been wearing it for half a day.
JAB jacket and slacks MyTailor.com shirt Sam Hober tie BB square CK socks J&M bluchers
Long shot cancelled today on account of blazing direct sunlight on the back porch. BB Fitz SC ModernTailor.com shirt (It's blue, by the way) Sam Hober cashmere tie Kent Wang PS Banana Republic slacks Boss socks Cheap-ass shoes (Mercanti Fiorentini, if you must know)
Thank you, sir.I'm 52, Frankie. My "younger, less conservative" days are behind me. I honestly don't know. I do get taken pretty seriously, and I do think people have an unconscious tendency to let me run meetings, even when I'm not the most senior player at the table. There are a lot of variables that play into that, however, and I might also just be fooling myself. There are many fascinating threads on SF related to how dressing well affects people's attitudes and...
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