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Sorry I can't help, but when you take delivery, can you measure it? I'm looking at an RRL vest too, but I have no idea how they size. I usually wear a large, but I've never owned an RRL piece.
Anyone taking the plunge on the Spring 2015 sweaters?? I'm lovebuggin' that Indigo Cotton Sweater Jacket, but $795USD X_X. Any discount codes floating around?
Absolutely loving the Southwestern-Inspired Cardigan, but $1025 USD????¤cy=HKD Looks like they don't ship to North America?
I would love to see pictures of the two fallen pairs.
They're looking good but you've gotta be kidding me. Those jeans easily have another 1-2 years of fading in them.
Found this thread when searching the topic - I'm thinking about picking up an unsanforized flat head jacket (type II - 6002) and doing the initial hot soak in black dye. To effectively overdye it myself before breaking it in. Any suggestions? Anyone done this before?
These are sanforized jeans. If they "shrink" when washed, they'll stretch right back out. Definitely go for skinny or super skinny if you feel the thighs are too big. 
The waist on the two pairs you mentioned will stretch 1-2" after extended wear, so try to size for 34 or 34.5" raw measurements.As for the inseam, I agree with you. 34" raw will be too short after a wash.Better to go with longer (37") to begin with - you can always hem after the first wash if you don't like the length. Or just leave the length and stack - or cuff - like most folks do. Your call.
If those are a bit loose now, they'll be parachute pants in a month. The waist will stretch at least an inch. And will stretch out again after shrinking from washing.The 30 fit was on point - and didn't look tight at all imo.
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