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 thanks Kyle. I would've tried these if my size was available. I think a 40= size 6.5UK, no? Same with Barbanera loafers (though not dainite). but I understand at some point there needs to be a cutoff for sizing in RTW...
good point. agreed. I just remembered the Inglese polos come out this spring as well.
Dainite soled Vass, preferably loafersInglese shirts in broader range of color/style.Have you thought of introducing fragrances?More exclusive fabric runs like the Formosa winter flannel.
short and long sleeve henleys. the v/u neck is a bit too deep necked for me.
I agree more Merz stuff would be cool.
I'd definitely get those ts quilted jackets as well. Some other suggestions: Ocbd inglese - if they are willing Pleated pants (there I said it) - the Rotas are awesome Vass loafers I totally slept in the tobacco brown lamb suede Valstar
Well Done!
For the Unseasonably warm weather...
Thanks Unbel. That helps It feels comfortable; and compared to my other sportscoats Formosa doesn't seem to restrict my range of motion. 
i was thinking about going with 48R for the formosa pre-order. I have the tobacco linen in 48R, but reading the thread it seems that some went with 50R...Here is what the tobacco linen fit looks like. I feel comfortable in it.   Should I size up to 50R?
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