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Thank you!
Can we get odd trousers in the Lorenzo fit or just Sal?
The melange fabrics look amazing!
I assume the melange polos are the updated NMWA fit? It seems the size photo refers to the older dimensions. E.g. Size 41 length 75.5 while the updated measure is 78.5... Thanks
ah ok. thanks.
Which way do the pleats run?   Like this...forward not reverse, correct?    
What are your thoughts sizing for Naissance Pajama jacket? Sleeves seem a bit short, did people size up? I am 40R/50EU; go with L? 
In addition, it is actually very difficult to find well made shirts in quality fabrics without ridiculous patterns. something as simple as an oxford cloth in blue is surprisingly difficult to find. That is where I really appreciate NMWA's curation of fabrics.
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