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An Inca last question:   Did everyone go with their rain or forest last sizing for their Inca cordovan or inca calf double monks?   Or did you size down?
Does anyone have experience resoling Vass?  If so, have you taken it to a regular cobbler, given it is hand-welted? Would NMWA facilitate such a service down the road?   I don't need it right now, but at some point I will...NMWA Vass gets a lot of wear!
well done!
i stuck with my rain last size and the uetam loafer is snug but not extremely tight.
yes. ive had that problem in rain suede. it went away after a while bc it seems suede is more prone to stretching.
I actually sized down .5 from my normal size (carmina Rain 6.5) to a Detroit cordovan 6, and it fits well. But that being said, the Detroit is not a whole lot roomier than rain.
Im 40, and I wear TTS in OS Wool Lambeth.
Cool! Thanks Kyle
Is the ts(s) skipper polo for 40 chest sizing 4?
I would preorder 48
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