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 Thanks @Sood.  Greg answered it. Basically the same size as Niche jeans.
Which size of Niche Diario pants size would have the chance for the best fit if I am a size 50 in Rota (regular trousers)? I am thinking XL? Not sure how much the stretch is...   Any pictures of how people styled it?
nevermind. just read the aformentioned posts. :)
what is the sizing for the BBJ Kimono Jacket? I am 40/50EU. Would a S fit me?
good point.  :)   
hmmm...some thoughts:   1. definitely +1 for net-a-porter. 2. as mentioned before, some of the Eidos, Sage de Cret, Niche, Blue Blue, Inis Mean, Frank Leder can all be 'subverted' for woman's clothing. In fact a lot of it can be unisex, if marketed that way. 3. I don't really see an equivalent in womenswear to "thoughtful curation of artisanal makers with close attention paid to quality, craftsmanship, and provenance." Women's classic clothing (if there is such a...
great website. I love the large product shots. it might be helpful to show how the Armoury gentlemen wear or style some of the products.
I know. That color Heschung is quite versatile.
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