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I wear chucks size 8. This was pre-real shoes (i.e. college and first job), so my idea of a proper fit was off, and like many I wore sizes too big.However for reference now, I am a size 40 in Vass and I took a size 39 in Butteros. They are snug, but not tight.Buttero quality is exceptional. It is evident in the stitching, the leather, and of course overall design.
Finally kopped butteros. I didn't see the allure until I saw the many a fit picture on the thread. Definitely looking forward to upgrading from chucks.
Very nice!
Do you plan to stock the lambswool shawl collar cardigan sweaters online?
Close. I made a decision three years ago to a more secure/stable job and better hours.  I had a daughter that was born premature, so we struggled with a lot of developmental issues. I don't regret the decision, I was able to spend time with my daughter and it helped.  Though my position was not as dynamic as the previous one, similar to you, AntiHero84 there was an area of expertise that I could cultivate. Next year I'll be able to take on a more demanding position and my...
Any updates on this? Thanks.
LOL.  so true.
Just saw Suit Supply (online) debuted their cordovan shoes, GY welt.  One resembles the RL Lindrick...Can't tell if it is Horween or where it is made...
It would be great if they do the one in corduroy as styled by Antonio Ciongoli....though that might be more appropriate for F/W...
That looks like the right fit for both. What is your chest size?
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