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In addition, it is actually very difficult to find well made shirts in quality fabrics without ridiculous patterns. something as simple as an oxford cloth in blue is surprisingly difficult to find. That is where I really appreciate NMWA's curation of fabrics.
Thanks. That is what I thought.
Are Eidos overcoats canvassed? 
any chance of IM linen safari jackets? I saw one somewhere; can't recall but it looked good.
All NMWA everything...
I found their sleeves to be a bit short.
agreed. though SEH Kelly sizing would be a challenge.
--SdC bunny parka--Geller jeans preorder--Valstar tobacco suede A1 jacket--Gurkha shorts (realize there was an Eidos preorder but in tan or British khaki)--Fragrance?--loungewear/underwear--hangers
thank you!
How does the sizing for the Pinheiro grey flannel chore coat style shirt jacket work; If you're an Inglese size 41, what would you take?
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