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I would preorder 48
In this case substituting the F-last Norweger for the Pembroke Scotch Grain would make for a clunkier look.  
Def. 50.true.  at least a 50.  might even want to take 52, then tailor it.
I am not sure either.  I know that poly-wool blends tend to dry faster, absorb less moisture. The check looks amazing, but no way I can pull it off...LOL.
Thanks! The moeskin does look nice.
I see Greg has layered a knit underneath the Merino.  Is the Memory roomy enough to fit a knit underneath?
Assuming that the Memory fits similar to the Merino, can you layer a knit underneath the Memory?Green is still pretty versatile; goes with grays blues, blue and black denim.  
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