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yea but if it were sunglasses then you would see a bulge in the breast pocket and that would look awkward.
Interesting, I've seen some of these floating around the internet, but if I recall correctly like they were much less than $250
Really cool stuff, I learned a lot through this thread, Thanks!
Are you referring to the Stetson or Dobb?
Stetsons are really very handsome hats, but way out of my price range. I'll look through ebay a bit more, good news is that I still have a little time left.
Ah, that's a bit more helpful, Thanks! I'm from California so it's almost always sunny and summer weather. :) The person I wanted to purchase it for is from California as well.   I wanted something both casual and formal if that makes any sense. That website just has great prices and I had a coupon code for it so I thought I'd first get some opinions and suggestions before purchasing.   I'll keep looking -- I hope more people respond
 Those are very sleek looking. Are they heavy ? I know nothing about Vibergs...
What is awful about it? Do you have any suggestions?
What do you guys think of this fedora? I'm thinking of buying it as a gift, but I'm not sure about it???
Sexy boots! I would def purchase a pair for my boyfriend!
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