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If you had to pick one cordovan shoe from Alden, what would be the iconic one?
Carmina sz 11uk rain simpson last
I'm new to Vass, how is the sizing on them compared to carmina or alfred sargent?
What set of brushes on the website would you recommend? I was looking at both the large or medium horsehair brush? are there any advantages to the large one? 
I do 11uk on carmina
I have indys and a longwing blucher on trubalance/barrie?
How is meermin sizing compared to carmina or alden?
Hi.    Just joined to see whats going on. Ive heard great things about this forum. Hoping to learn a lot then share as time goes by
anyone here with side by side comparison of the new 875 oro legacy vs the oro-russet 8131?
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