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how is sizing on these compared to alden barrie last?
anyone know how buttero tanino compare to cp achilles low in sizing? any sf discount code? thank you
what is tbs?
need any opinions on tan vs otter green for a 257/257?
how is the sizing on the bball low compared to the achilles?
Thanks. I wear a UK11. Pretty difficult to get both in. Not a big deal, I'm just wondering the logic behind giving just 1 bag when clearly they recommend 2 bags for the more expensive line. You're right, they might have not taken into account bigger shoe sizes...
Except that they provide 2 bags with the more expensive line. It just seems odd to cost-cut that 2nd bag. 
Does anyone know why meermin only sends 1 shoe bag with their orders? My shoes dont fit 1 bag. Ive been told by their customer service that they only send 2 bags for linea maestro line... Thanks
how do you get free shipping?
any discount codes ?
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