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Probably a very noob question.   What are the sleeve lengths for an OTR shirt in 16.5 contemporary fit?  And if I needed shorter sleeves, can I pay extra for you guys to handle it? 
 You can try saddle soap to remove the salt stain. and then start re-conditioning from scratch.  It is a PITA but your shoes will thank you in the long run.
 I am in.  Trying to make my clothing purchases low key for the time being.  If we start for Feb, I will limit the budget to $200 for the month.
 seriously great haul.  would love to know how you end up net profit after everything sells.  feels like a great story. :)Also - i assume this is already in the running for greatest thrift for 2015. 
Well you know Canada is a little slow to the game..... Marshall's and TJ Maxx used to be like this ~10-15 years ago where you literally felt like stealing..... Nowadays hitting up a Marshall's and TJ Maxx, it's like thrifting -- you gotta get lucky with that one off item.
So I used to just post things on the exchange because thrifting is fun and making a few bucks never hurt. Unfortunately, I now need to move a lot of items to help fund an emergency procedure for my dog. She needs her tooth extracted and the estimate I got was a lot more than I hoped it be. She either bit her toy or bone too hard. Now her back molar is split in two and the tooth needs to be removed. This is the little critter:  Most of the items are things I have...
I would recommend a brushing before and after wear for suits, sports coats, blazers, trousers.  The Kent brushes may cost more, but long term wise, you will be satisfied and wondered why it took you so long to buy one.  They will last you a lifetime and it becomes second nature to use one. Relatively to the cost of your wardrobe, definitely a must have.  If you are like most people on the forum, you care for your shoes with shoe trees, shoe polish, shoe brushes, shoe...
  I think this is novelty enough. Apologies for the poor pic.  If you look closely, the bow tie is designed with a bunch of formulas. Close up of bow tie from the Josh Bach website (picked it up at the pop up store in Union Square a month ago):
if you want a solid jumper w/o the high prices, check out    Since you are in the UK, check out their trousers get good reviews.  Plus since its colder,   perfect for the colder winters.
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