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Thanks man, suppose that was what I wanted confirmed
So I've perused the thread over recent days but can't seem to see anything but a debate about fanboyism and wait times.   I was just wondering, is anyone else waiting on a MA-1 from end of August payment confirmed? I know leathers are taking around and over 40 weeks lead time at the moment but was under the impression that non leathers were shorter.   I personally don't care how long it takes I just want to make sure that I haven't somehow had my jacket postponed or...
Which of these two should I buy? want a green fishtail parka for winter, not willing to spend a massive amount unless I find an amazing one, which I haven't yet. However I do really want one so I was just thinking of getting one of these two.   http://www.zara.com/uk/en/man/coats-and-trench-coats/long-parka-with-detachable-collar-c277002p1480511.html   http://www.il2l.com/mens/jackets/parka-jackets/il2l-men-s-khaki-cotton-parka.html   neither look brilliant...
WTB Uniqlo x Undercover Parka Saw it last year when it was being sold and stupidly didn't buy it. Now has become my grail. Will pay retail or even above if it's in good condition. plus shipping ofc If you have this parka in S or M, even if you don't want to sell, please PM so I can ask about it. If you would consider selling, all the better
Looking to trade a Gray body, black leathers TOJ0 2013, size 48 with 50 lengths for any dark colourway TOJ varisty, size 46 with 48 lengths. My jacket is just a bit too big in the chest and puffs out a bit because of it PM me if you're interested.
Hey all, asked in the simple questions thread a few days ago but I got bogged down fast by some other questions before anyone could answer   Can anyone recommend a decent quality, slim(ish) cut denim jacket of any shade of indigo dye? Preferably under £200 and based in or at least shipping to the UK? Been looking for a while and all I can find is Levis which seem to have quite boxy relaxed fits and All Saints which have very boxy although slim fits and as far as I'm...
Can anyone recommend a slim(ish) cut, decent quality denim jacket for sutumn, any shade of indigo. Ideally from a UK based shop that costs >£200   that and a black or grey daypack similar to this TOJ one http://24.media.tumblr.com/81088c12f7eed2594f34dfb938005971/tumblr_mkb7s7fOpc1rk0hu3o1_1280.jpg again, UK and this time >£100   thanks in advance
Another testimony for Zeemon in this thread. My GATS arrived quickly, in great condition and were very reasonably priced.
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