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In acadia, hiking, drinking, and chilling. Life is good mang.
 Hah. Yeah, the indian food will be good. I'm mostly excited for the street food tbh.Though, I'm super psyched for food in thailand!
 Yessir!I'm so excited for the food on this trip. CANNOT WAIT!  Hah, I saved well for myself this year. I'm going to take about half of my 'savings' for this trip. I also hide money from myself in various bank accounts. I paid for my trip to london and dublin with my tax return (still have a bunch left) and I totally forgot about the money since it was in a different account lol. To be honest, my retirement stuff is incredibly lacking (I'm 26 for reference). I likely won't...
Per roll right?
 I used a different browser as well as 'incognito' mode and got the same results... :/
 Yeah, the other idea for the trip was to try to get to all the places that might not be worth visiting in the next decade. I'm Indian so I think I'd be fine going to Egypt, but I'd rather have fun and not worry about things past the normal stuff.
 Current plans are:US->Istanbul->Delhi->Travel within india and maybe hit the foothills of the himalayas->Thailand->maybe vietnam/cambodia->Malaysia->Malaysian Borneo->Delhi->US Leaving last may 27th and heading back july 20th.I am beyond excited. Just gave notice at work a few days ago after telling them mid-late may a few weeks ago. 
 Wait... spicy tuna? How? It's been this way for a while though lol. Maybe it's a little better now? Who can even say. My pants are less tight but that's because my freaking ass and quads shrank after I had to stop doing deads and squats.
If you get edemame as an app and stick to sashimi, you'll be fine since tracking that is pretty easy. It's also delicious. A roll or two won't hurt you either. Just don't go insane with the rice.
In other news, buying flights is infuriating. Found a good price on weds night for NYC->Istanbul->Delhi and back from Delhi->NYC and wanted to talk to a friend that visited istanbul. Went back to buy tickets the next night and they were 400 bucks higher! WTF!   From 1250 to 1600... Tickets to India RT are about 1k. So if the istanbul thing isn't cheaper next tues/weds, I'm just going to say screw it and just go to India and add a country in SE asia instead.
New Posts  All Forums: