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I spent my 21st bday on the couch after I herniated my first disc...
Mine are free, but my bosses are spine surgeons. One of them operated on me. Twice. Irony is I do spine research. One of the studies I'm in is for patients like me. Another I'm in charge of I had to withdraw myself from because it would be a conflict of interest if I.was on the study lol.
Probably for a dude with gyno.
For a woman?
You're... sikh? Or friends? I've also never seen it written that way. I usually see Baisakhi, which is funny because they're all accepted spellings in english. I guess I usually saw it in hindi...   Re: the fit. I probably would have gone with lighter socks and a different tie. Tie jacket are too similar in color/texture from the pic. Shirt doesn't really look like it was meant to be worn with a suit/jacket like that.
I would advise against a shiny satin tie.
I didn't have surgery for mine after it got real bad for over a year. Then I had to have surgery again because it didn't take. It fucking sucks. Back shit like that is the absolute worst.
Lol it's a shell crease.
 Ah, i'd be interested in your prehab routine. Do you do it pre or post your chest/shoulder session or on the other days?
 Eh, you can delete the images manually in the quote. No worries though.
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