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How to make a PS look liek that? It's boggling my mind a bit. 
Local goodwill here renovated like crazy recently. Looks super nice now. Feels weird.
That's frightening. 
Man, I rode 35 miles with a friend on saturday and I was so fucking spent afterwards. A few years ago, this would be a nice easy relaxing ride. I want to get back into this shit so bad! Hoping to find a balance once time permits :/   Cool New England Fall picture.  
 Yeah. It looks good, but I'm in the same boat as you. 
Script sure looks like it!   Purple label can be made in england too though. 
 Lol. Don't worry about it. You know who to listen to on here
I think that jacket needs a bow tie.
@Cotton Dockers , is that an odd jacket?
Yeah, I'm sure it'll be a blast all around!
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