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Darkside showing us how chelsea's should be worn! @sugarbutch , is that a luxire shirt? Looks great!
 Ebay account since 2013. Only see a couple of sales, but paypal should be set up, no? I'll send them a message. The item doesn't fit, but that's not their fault. At worst I should be sending it back or paying and reselling. I'm all for free stuff, but I'm confused because there was no communication.
 Yes.  Eggsactly.
 Yeah. It's marked as delivered on ebay as well.No emails or messages from the seller.
Asking again since I'm confused... I paid for an ebay purchase and a month later paypal says 'cancelled'. I paid using funds. What does this usually means.    ..... what?
In philly area now, heading to worcester the second my car's out of the shop.    And yeah, definitely want a leather jacket and boots that I can wear on the street. 
Can we stop enabling him.Let this thread die...
In other fun news, my place for school has been delayed. Won't be able to move in until a week after class starts. To make matters worse, my old landlord won't give back my deposit. Fucking hell...
@no frills I've had 2 back surgeries and I'm only 26 so yeah, injury avoidance is pretty high on my list. I've had some image issues since i broke my face 8 years ago, so starting physically fit is important to me. Just gotta keep things in perspective. I was pretty happy with things right before i left. I'm sure I'll get back there in the next 2-3 months if i place my cards right.
Go on...
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