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Purple label, I would have hit you if you hadn't kopd dat!For a show with that much viewership and that high profile of an actor, possibly. I'm mostly curious if people see a larger than expected spike.
Pinched?I'd probably use them as is if they couldn't be bent. They're impossible to find their days. Don't know much about bike masters.There were eBay riser clip ons I saw for 50 or so bucks, but I'm not sure they'd be safe. I want to try them out, but I'd rather not have them randomly explode. Is that a legit fear?
On jimmy kimmel, Robert Downey Jr just said he was wearing an etro suit. Watch your views if you have any for sale!
Worcester now, saw tons of ridonk stuff parked on/driving through newbs when I lived in the bean.
I saw a GTR in my hood the other day. I was super surprised given where I live, but holy shit it was awesome.
Neuro spine folks that do mostly elective cases are a pretty confused lot tho.
That Subaru looks amazing. I recently realized that the 05 ish legacy GT was a helluva sleeper. Put out more hp than the 03 wrx for not much more weight. I kinda wish I knew now what I knew when I bought my car, but alas I was super crunched for time. The 2.5TS drives so dang nice though. Brings a smile to my face every time I hit an off ramp.
Neuro spine can be hella bro-y
The bar stuff just reminded me... Should I try to bend back my SM bars or just use them as is. I realized they were a bit bent from a drop. It's not bad though. I didn't notice till I took them off.
This is interesting. http://www.cscmotorcycles.com/CSC-RC3-2016-p/zrc3.htm
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