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 Do you mean 1993 NSX?
Looks great!  Hope it pans out!
Wow, that car would be 20-25k over here...
I'm actually surprised that the coupe has less power. I figured that it would be tracked more often. ​I guess the coupe is more aerodynamic? It did say it was slower to 60 right?   That said... who's going to track these..?
That's a funny looking miata
 There are just two connections that go to the gauge that both get power from the 12v on the ecu circuit. It may be an issue with the butt connector not working properly. I can double check later by trying to get a wbo2 signal from the ecu on my computer.
 It's a aem uego gauge with a bosch wideband.  I don't think I can explain better than the instructions. Page 6 of this pdf.
 The afr gauge is getting power through circuits for the ECU (which is how it was designed). I do have a multimeter. That was going to be my next step.Re: diagnostic equipment. I need to plug the ecu into my computer to see what it's saying. I just didn't want to spend more time doing it.I might pull all the wires for the wideband and just run an add a circuit thing for it instead so it doesn't get power from the ECU. That's a last resort. I think it's important to have...
Haha yeah, I just went off the ground for the radio. I actually said eff it and went and redid all the duct taped wires with butt connectors and it worked like a charm. I just have to figure out why the gauge wired on a different circuit isn't turning on. That's a project for a different day. I tried starting the car and it turned over and died. Gauge still didn't turn on. This is annoying haha.
 Yeah. That.Got them all done at like 3:30 in the morning, but when I turned the power to the on position the AFR gauge (powered and grounded through ECU) wouldn't turn on and the radio is miswired. The other two gauges powered on totally fine and also dimmed with the headlights. Anddd the radio has a wiring error going now. I didn't remove anything from it, only added wiring. I have a feeling one of the wires held together by duct tape probably shorted. I guess I'm going...
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