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I think you're misunderstanding what conceptionist means by high frequency here.
I think the trades end up being more like a pay it forward bit. My friends are heading to the country here to a village by the ocean, but I'd like to explore Dublin a bit more. Thinking of heading to christchurch cathedral, the castle and wandering around that area if anyone has any suggestions. Would have been fun to go with the others, but i wanted to hang out alone and actually spend some time wandering in Dublin.
Autocorrect is a bitch. You caught me before the ninja edit. I'm not as good as the noodles!
Ill hand that to you. The men here are far better looking than those back home. But the guys and girls born and raised in New England aren't much to speak of in general. The most attractive Americans I've meet in Boston are from the Midwest.
I'm afraid i haven't been drunk enough to consider that given the options.
The English too.The most attractive women I've seen here are from elsewhere.
All the bars stopped serving food at 6, which is silly. That said we befriended a store owner last night and got delicious curry chips. Will probably have a redo tonight with more fried fish. Drunk food ftw.
So cold and windy in Dublin! Jayyysus!
Bene those boots would look rad with jeans or anything like chinos/wool pants etc that you'd wear next year and beyond. Sorry the mmm suit didn't work, but those lapels are wimpy unless you're planning on only casual wear. I'm guessing you can't really bend at the elbow or reach forward in that suit.
Walked around Savile Row today. Walked into the G&G store, but was too awed at the price to try anything on. Did go to a loake store and C&J store. So amazing. Didn't buy anything. Maybe next time... In Dublin now, heading to both Jameson and Guinness tomorrow!
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