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I kinda like it. Wish it had a square though.
I'm really sorry for doing this but I really have no choice.  
Loake shoes with pretty much no wear to them. I was an idiot, esp because I knew what they were. Few other bad ones too.
 I don't know man...It's been so hot over here lately that I've just been reaching for chinos, boat shoes, and half sleeve shirts or rolling my sleeves up and calling it a day. I work with patients so I always have to look presentable, but the question is also what the purpose of optimality is.Optimal is context derived. In my mind it would take into consideration the thoughts of those you would interact with on any particular day, no?
Is that a BB tie? I'm pretty sure I have the same one. (Sadly mine has a stain :/)
 Yeah seriously, I saw a pair of those boots sell for over 1k on ebay recently. I think @SpooPoker had linked that auction? There was talk of a few people on SWD wanting to sell them because they were going for 2x what they paid for them new!
@jebarne, i love how the dog has a 'why me?' expression its face. Ugh. Dogs are the best. The things they let kids do to them. It's like they know exactly how gentle they have to be with them. Amazes me every time. I've seen kids pull the dogs tail, ears, try to climb on, etc. If the dog is well loved and around those it trusts, it'll just nuzzle up and take it. I think bigger dogs do it better as well.   I've been bitten by a dog I knew once and it was while I was...
@SeaJen are those loakes?   Also totally agree with @NickPollica. I really like that jacket as it fits you quite well. Might require some more pairings to get right.   I'd probably use a PS with more blues or reds in it. Honestly, I'd probably wear that sc with nantucket reds.
Yeah, hard 3's are tough. Would have been perfect if it was a 3 roll 2 even if it has older lapels.
 WAIT, YOU FOUND TWO PAIRS OF THEM?!?!?!?!GOOD GOD MAN! Those are both perfect shell shoes to own. A cap toe boot and ptb's. You're set for a decade. Now just get some reno and clean em up. 
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