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Has anyone heard from @TeeKay ?
I've gained a bunch of weight and two of my pants don't fit anymore. I was going to throw them on the bay but figured I'd see if anyone here wanted them first. Pics later. J Crew moon tweed. black/white birdseye. 31x32 and club monaco tweed 31x32 brown herringbone with button fly.   Super awesome pants, but I need new ones now. Such sad.
 Yeah, stopped riding due to knee issues. Hoping to start again slow this spring. And to be honest, my sprint could win me races, but I didn't have the threshold to be in the mix at the end at times. It was coming around since I was getting better at tactics and hiding and not wasting energy. The best I ever did was 2nd in my cat, which isn't that impressive. I couldn't keep up with some of the stronger riders, but could beat them in a sprint if that makes any sense. Great...
 Uh... The train? lol.
 Rammstein lyrics?  So you WERE holding out on me!Wait what? Yup. Damn dude.I'm insanely curious what his day job is now. Professional poker player? 
 For reference, my 20 minute power when I raced was 280W when I weighed 148lbs.I was hitting 21+W/Kg in sprints. Peak sprint wattage was 1430 or something like that.
What about @KingJulien ?
I can probably come hang for a bit. I have to head over and meet friends at aeronaut in the early evening, but I don't see why that should stop me from coming and getting some brewskis earlier!   Looking forward to it.
Pretty sure i had a stress interview and bombed it. Fuck.
Why are you wearing pants when you don't have to leave the apartment?
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