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Anyone ever had a suit made in hoi an.
Long read, but this has a lot of info on the pass. Best part is that they built a tunnel, so there's very little heavy traffic on the pass. http://vietnamcoracle.com/hai-van-the-pass-of-ocean-mist-5/ At the summit of the pass, there are a bunch of ruined bunkers from the war.
That's a decent picture except if you look off the road, all you see is the sea. There's a top gear episode on it as well actually.The roads in sa pa were insane. It was 5 hours of switchbacks i haven't had that much fun in forever. We were barely going 30kmph down those since there were no guard rails or anything. Most beautiful ride I've ever done, but the 20km of the pass was amazing. No pics from the pass since it was overcast and supposed to rain so i left my slr at...
I just rode the hai van pass and holy shit it was amazing. Learning to ride an auto in Vietnam is a helluva trip. Riding through a city during rush hour is about the scariest thing I've done. I learned the hard way that polarised sunglasses and helmet visors don't mix. Crashed at 5kmph going over a road lip i didn't realize was there. Only scraped my hand a tiny bit and broke a turn signal. No charge. Gotta love nam.
I don't think I'll fall victim to that. I'm much more about the ride and the experience. I get the thrill you're describing from bicycles. I prefer to get that particular rush from something I'm powering myself. I'm starting med school and i doubt ill be buying another one for a while due to finances. I'm going to spend what I saved for clothes on this bike in all probability.
I've been told that I'd outgrow a 250 pretty fast. Maybe 500 is better for something to keep for a bit? I really don't want a stupid amount of power.
They were called the Enfield bullets. Might have to do a road trip next summer.
New on this thread. Fell in love with motorcycles again while in Vietnam and want to get something back home. Thinking something 250cc ish as a first bike for riding around town and for some camping. I love older cruisers, ie Brando, mcqueen, and Dean inspired. I'm looking for something fun that's light and not stupid powerful. Any recommendations? I'd have to take the course and get a moto license as well. Thanks in advance! Re: i love royal Enfield bikes too. There's...
I want more of a cruiser bike. This thing is a crotch rocket, re the ninja.Think brando, mcqueen, Dean etc.
I'd do 250 cc. The 125cc bikes in Vietnam are fun as hell. If they can hit 60mph loaded, I'm sold.
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