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 I just realized I did that right after posting.I lol'ed!
 As in the cut or the fabric?
 Ahh noted. I meant darker as well. So yes, what sugah said, i.e. dark brown!
@BespokeKiwi , please use the multi quote function. 
 For firsts? Not bad.If that's a seconds sale then lulwut?
 Far better. Now take measurements ala: http://askandyaboutclothes.com/clothing/style-tips/how-to-measure-a-jacket/
The @barrelntrigger stream of consciousness and tv show twitter thread continues with bits of thrift thrown in here and there for good measure. 
 I think it looks great, but I'm with you that snuff might have looked even better. 
@speedball , take better pictures. Hard to make out the details on that jacket when your main image is folded in half!
 You don't like wingtips?
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