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Hey now.
Mostly for the exit sign.
Colors are awful but here goes not sure why pants are doing that at the knee, but I suspect they're as tired as me.
Damn. That's nice.
She's probably watching this right now. RUN!
 None taken. I bought a few nicer shirts I'm going to start working into rotation.I honestly think this 'casual dressy' thing works better for me, especially since it's a wardrobe that I'll be able to wear for the next few years (as a med student if I make it, as a resident in clinic) and then keep things growing as I go. 
 I thought that one was going to be apparent to everyone I wasn't so worried since this jacket is the definition of casual! 
 Think a black knit would have been? I have a black one, a light blue one (that I think would have worked here but I didn't feel like it), a cream one, and this.That's all for my crunchy knits!
 Passed. I don't have any credit cards that go that high. 
If noodles changes his name again, how will she know if he's posting?
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