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No it's just awesome.
I'm not sure why people are equating wanting something I can work/wrench on with wanting a project car that is ugly, needs a stupid amount of work, or is not currently driveable.
I really want a speed6 but there's too little support and too many conrod kablooeys. A saabaru seems like a more reasonable option, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been looking out for one.
 Natakuuuuu that norton! How is it?Was it part of the barn find you had?
 Yup, got it last year. Still have less than 7k miles on it. Unreal.Need to do a fender eliminator (have the parts) and a few other things in the next couple of weeks like a usb charger and maybe get handguards for the wind when it's cooler out. I used to have heated grips on it but ripped them off when I was doing the front end swap because they were glued on. Stupid move. They were awesome. Still hoping to take another road trip on it. I need to get a different exhaust...
Quoting from the thrift thread: 
@Bahljs  That CB350 is amazing. I absolutely love bikes like that for the city and even for hitting country back roads. Are you learning to wrench on it too? Oil changes, brake jobs, carb cleaning, etc? There's something about those old standard japanese bikes that is just truly special. I love the analog tach. I'd love to own one someday when I have the time/space/money for two bikes.    Wait, holy crap. Yours has less than 10k miles on it? That is amazing. What a...
 What are you doing currently? Also, there's nothing wrong with doing 1x a week, moving up to 1.5x, and then to 2x. You want to give your body time to adjust to the new workout scheme and build up over time as well. I'm honestly pretty happy with my strength these days, so I've been concentrating more on maintenance, starting to do cardio, and working out wtf I can do for my legs so I'm not stupid top heavy. 
The issue is that it's hard to find out what exactly was wrong. I'd also be more hesitant to get a salvage car if it was recently listed as salvaged vs if it was listed as such and was driven for a year or two/10-20k miles after.
You never quite know what happened to a salvage vehicle.   That said, I already have a DD unless I end up deciding to sell all the things and getting something else which is also an option. I also have plenty of years left to be that doctor with a porche for the weekend. Say a time when some work needed wouldn't destroy my budget lol.
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