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 Murl is really beyonce?
So now the mystery of that jacket is solved.
I REMEMBER THAT POST!Haha, yes it does apparently. Best holiday gift evarrrr!!! Also, I celebrating by buying a too expensive ticket to see my cousin for the holidays. He just got back from his second deployment in afghanisthan. Super excited to see him.    While C=MD is correct and residency is pretty easily attainable even with that if you do okay on the boards, I'm interested in surgery and currently do research in orthopedics.Ortho is damn near impossible to match into...
Apparently you can scam some buyers pretty easily as well. 
Sounds like feedback extortion. 
 YES!SO FUCKING RELIEVED!!!  Still have more interviews coming and hopefully more to come, but it's all gravy from here. 
3 cute girls hit on me today. One was from out of town and I didn't have the energy to try anything. Got another ones number.    The next few months are going to rock. Time to get shredded for miami.
[[SPOILER]]  This is one of my favorite CM fits from you. I really didn't like the last one that much but this just blows everything out of the water. Colors are perfect too.
  MD schools only. (well MD/MPH as well). I got into a place I'd be more than willing to go to. I have 3 more interviews remaining. This school was probably my top choice of the 3 schools I've interviewed at already. The 3 remaining programs are much better ranked, but it's a huge load off and I think those interviews will be way less stressful now.
Yeah, but his wife would be happy. Oh shush.
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