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Anyone have any suede shoes by them? I'm curious how they look. I'm kinda tempted to pick up brown suede chelsea boots or even black ones. Their wingtip boots look a little blob-like to me (same with the cap-toes), but the chelseas are pretty sleek looking.
These are modern times. Evolve or die. (Or is not believing in that still an option?) I think you're pretty good on the boot front.
 Well, he did say have a nice holiday!(Maybe report it to ebay for harrassment?)
@chocsosa , cool look, but jacket sleeves need to be longer.
 Where'd you get them for that much?Or are you talking about open pros on ultegra hubs? Edit: Just saw they were 200 shipped at chain reaction cycles.
 I'm sure it'd look like a bike in the 80's. Fistful of seat post. With the stem down low enough, it'd look great. One of my favorite frames is a 1984 Trek 760 I have made from reynolds 531P. I'm so tempted to sell that frame since I bet it's got a lot more nostalgia for someone else. The frame rides beautifully though. I also have an 94 trek 560, touring frame, which is really cool as well.
Two crashes on passenger side, check. Brembo breaks, check.
I need to start doing yoga...​
Do they test wheelies too? I don't know how to do one.
 Size on those suckers if you're not keeping them? 
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