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Got to Hanoi on weds and just got to sapa today for the weekend. Ill likely head to Cat Ba early next week for 2-3 days before continuing south.I want to bike the Hai Van pass, see the caves in phong nha, and do a few other things as i make my way to Saigon. I only have 19 days and i think the second part of my trip will be a bit rushed since ill probably end up north of hoi an for a good 10 days.I'll likely end up on a flight or two within the country or take a few...
Greetings from Vietnam!I know that feel.2 of my papers seem to be stuck in no man's land. Such a frustrating course of events. I think one if them will hopefully make it through to some shit journal...
Yeah, still bummed about that... I'll just have to find one in Vietnam!I could have used that pseudoephedrine. Having the worst time kicking this cold.This is amazing hahaha.
Stop trying to make fetch happen.Good meeting you for dinner last night!
Wassup thrift bros? At the airport getting ready to head to Bangkok for a day or so then off to Hanoi to go down the coast of Vietnam in about 2.5 weeks. Wish i could ride a motorcycle down, but everyone tells me I won't have enough time so I'm planning to rent one in places and fly through areas im not planning on visiting.
Sup noodlers? Also please don't confuse that godless bastion of bullshit excesses, Dubai, with India. Thanks.
I'm half bailing on Eason, but I think we're going to grab dinner tonight. Sorry about the pool party brah. At the airport getting ready to head to Bangkok for a hot minute then heading to Vietnam either tomorrow or weds morning. Need more than 2 weeks for Vietnam otherwise I'm not going to make it down the full coast. A girl I met in myanmar just got Dengue. Apparently there's an outbreak. Thank god I've been religious about bug spray. That shit sucks.
Greetings from Yangon, Myanmar!
 Indeed I am!Thanks for thinking of me @barrelntriggerItinerary looks like this:India -> Myanmar -> Thailand> Vietnam -> Malaysia -> Borneo -> India. Then stateside July 20th.Going to spend more money than I should, but I'll still have a measly savings left and live off loans as a student. I can't think of a better time to travel the world than at a point where I have such limited responsibilities.Flights in a few hours and I'm finalizing tickets, packing, and generally...
Hah, hullo!Meant to tell yall that i quit my job and decided to travel SE Asia after getting into med school and deciding where I was going to go.Plans for trip is still uncertain, but i might just go to Myanmar and Vietnam and spend some quality time backpacking there on a shoestring budget.You've all been awesome to me and i feel extremely grateful for the hospitality and generosity this forum and this thread in particular have afforded me.So thanks!You can be mahbro or...
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