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I think that was a fancy telescope for the out of this world fits.
And i think this would pay off for you in a big way even though you've been neglecting it for a while.
 I dunno man. Those BR pants looked pretty damn good on clags. 
Paypal settlement   http://consumerist.com/2015/05/19/paypal-must-pay-25m-in-refunds-penalties-for-illegally-signing-customers-up-for-online-credit-product/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
 Lol. You missed a belt loop.
I believe they have a new cut that is for more athletic proportions. I'm a pretty big fan of j crew's stuff all around. I have a feeling the bulk of my wardrobe in school will come from them due to the price. Hopefully, I'll be able to swing for a suit supply suit for residency interviews if my BBGF suit gives up the ghost by then. Given that it currently needs mending and a small reweave... I think that day will come sooner than I'd hope.
Stop talking about Kathoeys and answer my question @Eason !
I think j crew might have some good stuff if their women's stuff is comparable to their ludlow suits. 
I'm not dead yet!  ( I was actually going for Gandalf in the picture I quoted)
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