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@mossrockss, that's a helluva backyard! Glad you two are having fun!
:(   Nice to see you back here @mktitsworth!
I didn't buy them. I'll hold out. I really don't need more shoes right now. I just got suede chukkas at a great price.   Pics of the C&J boots @Murlsquirl?
Yeah. I know you're right, but most of the dubmonks I've seen are so polished looking that they trend more into formal IMHO. I'm not a big fan of single monks, but I think some look good. That shoe just doesn't look like my cuppa, which is totally cool.   I was just trying to think of what that shoe does that another shoe wouldn't do better and I can't really think of it.
If you don't do maintenance stuff, you'll shrink back like woah.   I'm hoping to bring my bike up here soon so I can ride with a couple of friends. Should be good times.   -Realistically... It won't happen. Hopefully in the spring after a slow bulk over F/W-
That dude has set his video in the worst possible location. Makes him look like a hoarder lol.
I'm not a huge fan of football leather on dubmonks. I like it on boots and I think it can work on longwings, but otherwise it seems to give the shoe an identity crisis of sorts.
Slacked today. Was going to go to the gym and go to work, but decided to chill at home, play videogames, drink a beer or two, and now I'm going to cook some stuff for the next couple of days before getting a couple of application things together. Man. I'm not really looking forward to going back to work. Not sure why :/
 Interesting. You're having this stuff made in Amritsar.
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