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 The key to doing this right and consistently is being able to track calories in food and those burned in exercise. The scale is often the last thing to budge.
Holy crap. Those 5 unstructured jacket... I'd be so tempted to buy them all if they were my size!
High rep workouts started today. Good times.  Lets see how it translates over to results. My arms have been stuck at 15.5 for what feels like forever. Hoping it puts a bit more depth to my back and chest as well.
@Claghorn are those johnston and murphy's or bostonians or something? I know they both had good lines in the past and that medallion looks familiar. Apologies if I'm totally mistaken.
Just cause ya can doesn't mean ya should. Slow and steady noodles. No use making unsustainable changes to diet and such.   CM the first bit is mostly waterweight anyway, so not sure what, but 1-2lbs/week is about the upper end of what you should do for weight loss anyway. Life isn't a biggest loser competition.
I want a new body :/
Is that an oxxford label? On the m pearlstein.
Ugh. Really?
So that's what the comment hours ago said.
Length change is not a cheap alteration but is doable.
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