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Wow. That's amazing!   @MJMcRibb !
 But those pants can have a single pleat or have this, I don't see the harm IMHO. If it makes him happy to do this to his pants instead of having to press and have it fall out then sure. It's certainly nothing new!MF, I wonder what it'll do after a wash, no?
It's like saying a polo overcoat doesn't go with anything... It's not something you're used to saying, but there's no denying that fit is uniquely AAS's style and he pulls it off in a way that none of us could. I'd probably use a different square and socks, but I think it works for him.
 @schmidtdalton13 you should hit him up!
 Any pics of tags? I'd wonder if gloverall made for bb.
I like that AAS!   Socks are too much with everything else though imho.
"Cooking with CellTech"
Ugh. I missed my window of daylight to take pictures. Must do it tomorrow!
Read the last few pages, goddamn so much knowledge here. Jompso, you're part of that too. So rad!
You never drink alone when you know hbkshin!
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