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 Like rain on your wedding day?Lol. This takes the cake.
 I have been told that pilates is really good for building core strength and stability that is important for spine health. It's used as rehab for many patients.  I'd like to try something like that as well. I need to start trying to get to a yoga class once a week or so. I have access to it at the gym I use. Might as well try it.  I need to get to a climbing gym as well... There's one not too far from where I live. Maybe once this grad school saga is over...  That said, as...
Yeah, some of the long fusions I've seen have been nuts. I mean the curvatures are EXTREME, but a cervical to sacral fusion with ilium fixation is no joke...   @unbelragazzo, I don't know that, but I do know that yoga often has a pretty good mix of flexion and extension which is a good thing since most activities tend to have one far more than the other. Those degenerative changes are totally normal though. It's part of aging. Doing things like yoga are certainly better...
 From what I understand, Scheuermann's doesn't necessitate surgical intervention unless you're starting to scrunch your organs together. Did they recommend you start wearing a brace for correction? Not sure if it helps at this point or if it's even a treatment modality.Having dealt with back stuff since the ripe old age of 20, I feel your pain. Though if your greatest symptoms are 'meh' fitting jackets, you're doing great!
Holy crap DWW, the rainmaker stuff is flippin awesome!
It's too light a blue. Conservative colors are navy and charcoal.
Omg winnar!
 The fuck did you have an admissions consultant for?
 You can address most of these things. Remember, one of the things about buying more classically styled things is that you're not jumping between things due to fashion trends. Additionally, this is not a race. You can acquire things over time. Also dude, start running or going to the gym or something if you don't already. Clothes are a fun hobby, but if that's all you obsess over, then you have too much time on your hands!  The burn. I feelz it. Tune in for our next...
I agree with stitchy. It's the cut as a whole. The sleeves don't have much life/shape to them it comically makes your arms look like they're in tubes.
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