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 Seriously. That is beautiful.
@Thrift Vader  saw a bentagaya. It made him get all bent-outta-shape-ah.
Say what you want about the miatas re power etc etc etc, but they did a lot of things really well.  
10k upgrade is steeeeeepppppp
 There's something I've been seeing about an rx7 rear diff upgrade too where you can rebuild the RX-7 LSD into the miata diff housing. I think the rear diff should be pretty far down my list of things to do for a street car right now. Re: having made the wrong choice... That's the fun of doing something like this. I can always 'start over' if I get bored with the car. At the price I got it for and the upkeep I'm doing, I should atleast get most of my money back if I sell...
Apparently mimo is quite adept at burnouts!I was pulling your leg for the most part, but the kits etc are out there and aren't China chargers.Also, I never said I was going to turbo the car! I'm currently sitting on a header and mild intake cam upgrade. I found a reasonably priced used header back exhaust setup but don't know if I want to go catless or deal with trying to figure out how to work around the code so I'll likely wait on that bit.Next year I'll look into a...
 That awkward moment when you refer to an overpriced and reliable mod for an already fun platform and it's still cheaper and more reliable than your recs for less work for less money! 
Was the car actively trying to kill the driver?
MIATAAAAA5-7k for an nb1 or nb2 ls model. 5k for a fast forward supercharger or flyin miata turbo setup.Aka 10k for a 2500lb rwd convertible with a limited slip diff and bigger brakes putting 200-240 rwhp down depending on how you set them up.
 I think a lot of folks will also run 15's and lower the car slightly when they upgrade the suspension. The difference between stock 15 inch wheels and 16's in this case is about 2 lbs per wheel. Not insignificant.  Huh, that's interesting!
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