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Had a fun little oversteer situation today for the first time. That was certainly interesting. Definitely learned never to give the car too much throttle from a standstill with the wheel turned. Happened at a right turn from a stop sign which was at an incline. Whoops. Managed to keep the shitshow in my lane. Now to learn how to do it on purpose, i.e. parking lot, so I know how to avoid it. As a side note, car works well now. The new radiator is awesome. Car runs...
That guy has a boston-ish accent. That's fucking hilarious.
I used turo when it was called relay rides. Friend and I rented a car in portland to drive around oregon for a week. It was rad.
Yay! Miata is running again!   Fucking hell man. There's a trigger wheel that goes with the crank pulley. We installed it backwards...  I told my friend we should double check it because I'd read somewhere that the order matters, but he said he didn't think it did. Might have been a thing for the 'newer' engines. In any event. Runs like a top. On the fence about this, but what do you think? I'm going to install the megasquirt at some point when time permits....
This gets me every.single.time.   https://thumbs.gfycat.com/WhoppingBlueFlickertailsquirrel-mobile.mp4   Video won't link :/   It's only a few seconds long though!
Dang, I traded a michalsky jacket that i had with one of the guys on here when I had no idea what it was haha. Looks like he's taking off. That was about 3 years ago afaik. It was a puffer/quilted blazer.
Why not just recover them? Doesn't have to be original color either. Or you can find seat covers.
Best of both worlds... Build a high revving turbo engine.
What's wrong with forced induction?
 Afaik matt doesn't build the cars/engines. He tunes them. He does make recommendations for that stuff, but most people I know just go to him to have things tuned. That name is relevant because he's known as subaru jesus around these parts.
New Posts  All Forums: