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 That's so bizarre, I mean it takes a bit to get used to the weight sitting on your delts like that but I found it much easier than doing back squats.
 Not sure what the square is doing but i like it other than that!  So till you stop cutting your head out of pictures, I'll continue to make fun of your hair!:p
@schmidtdalton13, you're on fire!
 What's wrong with frontsies?
Oh look. An OBDC. With a tie. That looks awesome.   Whodathunkit?
I regret not going for those :(
[[SPOILER]]  I think that first jacket looks better on you. It makes you look younger for lack of a better term.
Hadn't heard of that brand before, but this looks pretty cool.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fjallraven-Oban-Jacket-Green-Mens-Small-S-190-New-/131267378290?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item1e90253c72
 What do you use for them? Db's or kb's? The issue is that you can't really go super heavy with them. Outside of that, why do you do them? Have you progressed on them at all?
I wear an 8E in the suede strand and bought an 8E in the Amok as well. Waiting on delivery should be tomorrow or day after.
New Posts  All Forums: