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 Yeah. I had issues with fedex but it's back to normal today.
Elbow didn't bother me at all in miami when I was lifting. Starting to hurt right now.   What the fuck. Is the cold responsible? Ugh.
 I didn't get sour apple. I got plain. They sent the wrong thing AND it exploded in transit.I don't make a mix. I just get straight up bulk save vanilla whey. It's probably not the best stuff, but it sure is cheap. 35 bucks for 5 lbs? Hell yes. I add 40-60 grams in my breakfast and pre lunch shakes (total), and then have 20-30 grams.I'm planning to mix a scoop of the karboload with my pre workout whey shake to get some extra energy. I don't know how big of a difference...
True nutrition is sending me two more bags of the karboload in the plain 'flavor' I had asked for. They asked me to do whatever I wanted with the one sour apple bag that wasn't ripped. Unsure what I'm going to do with the extra bag. I'll probably toss the one that I ripped if I can't find a way to use it, but I'll have 12+ lbs of carb shit.  I guess I can start adding some to my morning shake?   What a weird problem to have.
Haha. Small chance I might just hop the 87 there and join you lot.
138 at start of college. Stayed between 142-148 through college. Hit 155 when I stopped bike racing and started lifting. Hit 160 summer of 2010. Got a back injury around turkey day. Lost a lot of weight. Started lifting 6-8 months after having surgery the 2nd time in spring 2013. Currently 175 at 5'10. I wouldn't really call that impressive... I'm going to try getting up to 185 and evaluating. Need to start doing a bunch more cardio. Might start riding/erging again in the...
 And that shirt fits! Thanks so much!  It's like I woke up one day and I was swole.@330CK will corroborate that I am a fat fuck that's one ragey rant away from an infarct.
Oh my god dude haha. I can meet you at Harvard and head over. The green line goes there, but i think the 66 bus does too. We could split an uber too, though i have to head to union in the evening.You should definitely come. It was a good group last time and we still haven't met up!
True but the fact that I'm an Indian dude with a beard doesn't bode well when a suspicious heavy package with leaking white powder it's reported to the cops.I'm curious how they'll handle this. I don't want to have to resort to chargebacks.On the bright side, I'm done with interviews and i want to make the next few months count for progress. I realistically have 4 months left before i leave my job and travel abroad for a bit. I'm going to do my best to get into a...
Lol you'd be pissed too if your room smelled like sour apple!It's everywhere!
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