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@horndog and Vader How is the mazdaspeed3? https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/cto/5649849227.html Too many miles?
Thrift bros, need help for wedding attire. Anyone have salmon pants or blue seersucker pants in a 32x32? Don't care about brand as long as they're not skinny. I need something by the end of the week and I've struck out at every store... Figured I'd ask here before going online/ebay. Thanks!
I'm so happy you decided to join this forum.
 HP and Torque are not the same thing. I never said they were slow, I said that they top out lower (aka lower HP), which is also much more practical for the street.
 Haha, that's my point. It's not about the spec sheets, which is a good thing because those bikes aren't really about that.This is also why the flat track racing bikes will be interesting!
 They're torquey. It's not really impressive when you're comparing hp or torque to weight or displacement. HP doesn't really matter ALL that much on the street unless it's so low that it peters out before 100, which isn't all that normal for me to hit anyway. I've looked at a few charts and definitely think it's pretty impressive how their torque curves are essentially flat, which is the point I guess. They're not really built to be stupid fast. The engine setup is totally...
 Yeah, that's definitely fair. It's really not about spec sheets with those bikes. Which is good because they're really not even close to being impressive.
@StanleyVanBuren , good luck with the resto project. You might want to pop into the 'cars discount' thread because a few people are working on cool projects in there and might be able to help with DIY stuff. I hope you don't have electrical gremlins!
Is NADA generally better for car values or is KBB more accurate? NADA values are way higher from what I'm seeing.
Also, on the note of harleys: I think there are better options for the price range, but I would love to ride an Iron 883. The bike just looks like it would be awesome to hit the road on.
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