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 I will fight you for that tie. Soooo good. I love florals like that! I have two floral ties but they're both much larger patterned than that.  Fuck it dude. You gotta mix it up sometimes. That fit shows you know how things should fit and pair.
 You look like a bawse. One of my favorite fit pics on here in recent memory!
Could use some more length on the trews. I really like saying boglioli though.
 Craigslist sublet or med student/grad student housing thread?
Mine was successful for different reasons, but I did not make it to uniqlo. Hoping I can pick up some dress shirts in the boston pop up!
I do not like that tie, said Sam I am. I do not like it with a suit. I do not like it in that fit, I do not like it not one bit.
 Sounds like you like the more 'preppy-ish' aesthetic more. I'm the same way, but it's changed a lot. I think @brad-t said it best that when you start looking at weird-ish stuff often enough that it starts to look cool. I don't like everything that people here love, but I'm starting to see why they like it.And just like you, I've been yelled at on here before. (It gets better!)
@TheNeedMachine = killing it!
Yeah. I have a cashmere SC by them and it's gorgeous. I rarely wear it because it's just not flattering. Then again, variety is the spice of life and if you have another suit like this that has more shape to it then all the power to you for getting a similar one in a different cut to mix it up.   And Don C, the oxxford cut works way better for your body type than it does for say nick pollicas. The fabric and construction are beautiful, but they're just built for fuller...
 Don't know where she's living, but she's from Texas and has lived in NYC for the last few years and Boston before that.
New Posts  All Forums: