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It's a great suit though!
 Yeah, me neither. They're probably really really heavy though... Tires are solid though so I'll just use em up. If I find a light set of 15s with good tires I might swing for it if the price is right, but it's not that important to me anymore.
@HRoi   My girlfriend's dad just bought a boxster. Can't wait to ask him to let me drive that thing once I get more confident driving stick.   I used the handbrake trick today and it worked super well. Didn't stall even once all day and I drove around quite a bit. I did manage to stall while reversing last night womp. I also learned that I need to give the car a whole lotta gas if I downshift and clutch in for a bit because I definitely burned the clutch a hair when I...
Just took a study break and spent an hour washing/waxing/cleaning the car. Couldn't wash out some road grit stuck to the lower sides/bumpers, but it looks pretty good! I'll take some pictures in the next few days. I haven't shared any pictures of the car since it officially became mine! I think the ones I posted were from when I went to go look at it.
Congrats on the weight loss!
 Haha and the fact that it costs 2250. That's miata territory :p
 You know what you need to do right?Buy the car of your high school dreams and drive it into the ground for a year or two till a car that you like comes out.
 Word :p
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