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Got the exhaust installed earlier today. Only 'casualty' was a scratch on the swingarm when I was using a screwdriver to pry off part of the stock exhaust that was locking it. I taped some stuff on right after that to protect it. Nicked the peg a few times with the saw but just grazed it, no biggie. Pipe didn't cut out straight, but more than good enough. New exhaust looks sick and is loud. Also so much fucking lighter than the stock. Legit atleast 15 lbs lighter if not...
How much does one of them doo-hickeys cost? I'm going to need all the slow cooking skillz i can get over the next few years. That might be handy on the poverty loans.  Gonna cook dinner for the ladies because eating out is $$$.
Is that what you call your Facebook?
True undergrad reversion status achieved.  I stole a tray of leftover food from an event and took it home for my fridge. Went to a urology interest group meeting today because they had free chipotle. Ima get a workout in tomorrow morning or ima be fat as farrkkk.
Exhaust came in today. Will hopefully install tomorrow!
 Yeah, you could have denied the return based on 'buyers remorse'. However, once you so much as use the word return, ebay always makes you return it. Once you clicked that button it was game over.
Had to spend 50 bucks in tools because I didn't have any socket wrenches or extensions handy... but now I have frame and swingarm sliders installed. Also put on tank grips today. Riding to boston tomorrow morning to meet a friend for brunch. Should be fun.
Starting to attempt to lift every other day with a cardio workout interspersed in there on the 'off' days. If I'm being truly lazy, I can ride my bike on a trainer in my room or in the garage. Hopefully this schedule will 'take'.    Anyone have any good free yoga videos that I can look at online? Looking to do core strengthening stuff 1-2x a week in my room and call it cardio.   Anatomy lab just started. There goes all my time.
The recursion looks ridiculously awesome as well.    Also, that suter bike is only 123k USD. Might as well buy 3 at that price.
New Posts  All Forums: