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Oh, other sad moment was finding a bataglia winter coat (wool/cash mix) but seeing way too many stains on it and then the high price. :/
Entirely different soles and styles on those. 
Some things from the last few months I haven't posted: The red peak lapel jacket (brown and navy are at tailors but are exactly the same) : I have a question about one of the spoilered pics (re: the pilling) and I have a pic of the fake pocket.  [[SPOILER]]  Gitman.Not a true thrift (paid 20 bucks, but it's for me so...) [[SPOILER]]   Found this navy SC today. 46R Available. I guess the same guy had donated a bunch of stuff but this was the best of it. There was a PoW...
 And hopefully the only one?(NTTAWWT!)I that swatch a lot. I found a jacket made with that style with loro piano merino wool from NZ in a thrift today. Sadly it was a 46L. I would have worn the heck out of it!
Florian, if you smoke around your shit you're going to get returns on that. Some people notice the smell and hate it. 
No tags in pants? Not even in the back pocket?
How is the Jack Victor self labelled stuff?
If anyone has any Amok's in 8E in Snuff or finds some, can you please let me know.
 The way it works for this is: Primary application, secondary applications (school specific), wait, get interviews/rejections, go to interviews, hopefully get accepted somewhere. I've heard back from one place for an interview so far. I applied to over 40 schools. It's a bit nuts.
New Posts  All Forums: