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 Mimo talking about jeans? Heresy! I had interest in the Navy for wear with jeans, chino's, and SC's/trousers. I think it wouldn't be out of place with a suit. The dainite sole is black. You can barely tell it's dainite if you're not the wearer.
 Chalk stripe is a no-no for your work or what?
Ugh. I want those.
 Take it easy with the patterns guy. You're going to give someone a seizure. [[SPOILER]] I think this would look better with a more casual suit, some of the chalkstripes that nick pollica has come to mind.
I think 4-5 years from gym shirts is pretty good. Might want to try using laundry detergent and dryer sheets if they stink though. H&M dri-fit shirts were 10-12 bucks.
Thanks! Are repps and solid grens usually the best go to's for interviews? I have a few neats I really like that I think I'd prefer, but I really like the more subdued look for interviews.
 Paging @schmidtdalton13!
 Yeah, it's a gorgeous shoe, but I'd call that dressy and formal and say that it would look weird in pebble grain even if it was a dub monk. I'm not a huge fan of whole cuts though, I really don't like how they crease which is why I sold the one pair of shell PTB's I had. Yeah, they're not wholecuts, but it's the lack of atleast a captoe. Doesn't quite do it for me.I'm afraid that SF has thrown me to the other end of the taste spectrum from when I first started ahhahaha.
Those navy EC's are so clutch. @mimo, you think those won't look formal enough? They look great!
You realize that you're burning maybe like 600-700 more calories a week doing that, right?
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