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I've been interested in their stuff for a while. Might have to give it a try!
How awful am i for wanting these?
If i have limited time left in London and want to try on shoes etc, is liberty the best bet? I can try walking around savile row and the area that monkeyface recommended, but i doubt i can spend much time in any store in that area since we have to be back in Camden by 1pm.
Wow, that sold price.Barrel and thrift Vader, what is this?
Oh, re pasta: i think most to all Italian food I've had has been bland. I did grow up in India.... I'm more drawn to Thai food, Ethiopian food, etc. So yeah, i guess if youre weaned off breast milk and put on a diet of chillies then your tastes evolve differently.
I like hobgoblin, but British beer is the least favorite of any countries bar brews I've tried. Pimms cups on the other hand...yes! I'll take it blighty, ill take it. Also hilarious was a bartender in shoreditch trying to explain dogfish head dna to us as an American ipa. I was like yes, but what is it? Guess he didn't know they had 50 different kinds... Also i ordered whitefish as a snack. Didn't know what it was. Thought it was a small friedfish serving. It was fried...
London is pretty fun.
And dang it, I won't be able to see Fuji.
I only went because i had to take a leak and i was in London and they had a lou.
This is kinda nuts: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mister-Freedom-x-Sugar-Cane-MFSC-Midnight-P-Jacket-Made-in-Japan-42-Raw-Version/131464145847
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