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 Yeah, makes sense for anatomy programs. Not too many people do those before med school though.
 Which undergrad schools do you know that allow you to dissect a human cadaver? Pretty sure that's not a usual thing.
Side note: We're doing the MSK block in anatomy now. Pretty cool to dissect all the muscles and shit and see innervations, tendinous attachments etc.
 Try alternating beer and water. It'll fill ya up and make ya piss more so you drink less in the longer run. If people ask, just say you get dehydrated easily so you have to alternate.
 Everything breaks at some point.I've read (from people I used to race with) that the electronic shifting stuff is just way better at shifting under load.I'm still on DA 7800 with a 105 crank (used to have an SRM). 
About 130k miles on it.I guess that all depends on how much the car was dropped into drive from neutral at 4k rpm...I guess i can also wait and keep looking for one a few years younger as long as it's a bugeye hatch.
Does anyone know what the reliability of 02 wrx variants is if they're relatively unmolested? An automatic hatchback just popped up an hour away and it's got the same mileage as my impreza ts hatch. Same body, but 60hp more in stock trim. I'm probably going to have this car for a while and something more fun would be pretty awesome if it isn't a money pit.
 Yeah Dura ace Di-2 is electric. Ultegra has electronic shifting as well. It's supposed to be amazing, but I'm okay not paying what I paid for my motorcycle for a bicycle.
It just feels like discs solve a problem that doesn't exist unless you're running weenie carbon rims. Kool stop salmon pads offer good enough protection to lock up the front wheel even in the wet.   It just doesn't seem necessary on the road.
 Life. It'll fackin' kill ya.
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