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The jpress and holliday ties are gorgeous!
Posture in @SlowJim 's pic is really weird, both buttons in jacket are buttoned, arms are behind body etc. Can't really assess much of anything.
I really don't think you have enough suits if your job requires you to wear one everyday.   We've had a user demonstrate that one can find gems in JAB if one looks properly and I implore you to try doing that. Or hit up spoo's auctions.
 Fixed. Unless you're planning to wear grey trousers and an odd jacket 2x a week, in which case you need 1-2 pairs of grey trews and a few sc's. 
Um, so you're going to be wearing your zegna suits and odd jackets 3 weeks of every month?
Stay 'Not injured' even in this state.   Leg feels weird as fak after leg pressing yesterday. Guess it's a no go. Unilateral leg work, here I come!
 Sounds like TBT would be good for you! Side note: Come hang out with the boston folks. We had a meetup a little bit ago!
Just had to pass on an awesome brown hugo boss black label car coat thing in EU 50. They were asking 50. Cashmere blend, but still... Might have grabbed it for myself but too small. Lmk if anyone's into that sorta thing pretty Damn soft. Side note: Does PRL have made in USA stuff with buttons on the mens side but numerical tagged sizes? I found something today that I thought had to be fake, but it had a UNITE tag inside it. No inside pockets at all, which seemed off for...
Agreed. A knit is a cool idea in principle I think, but the horizontal stripe just kills it.
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