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 Does that lead to an increase in HCT? I wasn't aware of that. I am aware of all the other issues it causes though...
If you don't want the depreciation hit, buy used.
Air density/air percentage.... similar result in the end. Less oxygen hits your lungs and diffusion is affected. You raise your hematocrit to grab more of it. Hence the altitude training. 
 Is this like those audi's with the timing chains that cost 5k to replace if you had the dealership do it?
Hella flush bro.
Hey now man. MA isn't that bad!
 Ya still can't polish a turdddd!
 No police report filed at the scene. Not sure how much weight it carries to have one filled out well after the fact. You'd be better off reporting a hit and run with the license plate number when you're at the scene or in a safe place near the scene. I was saying that I wasn't even sure if they took a picture of my plates. I didn't take one of theirs. I was too shaken up because their car and their friends car was edging me off.  This is what spooked me tbh. They really...
Got into a minor fender bender yesterday. No contact info exchanged, but I hit the rear of a guy that squeezed into traffic and cut me off-ish. He has my number. After he called me to give me his number he said that him and his buddy (and a car waiting for them to get moving again) were going to go bail someone out of jail. They were really adamant about not involving insurance or police. I didn't know what to make of it at the time and was a bit shaken up about...
It does, but it's the full differential pumpkin which means I can sell my open diff to try to recoup the costs. I should get atleast like 200 bucks for it since the pumpkin by itself sells for around 120 or so and the 4.3 is the more desirable ratio since it's better for acceleration. I also don't have to take the diff apart to swap the parts around.Clutch has 5-10k miles on it. It was rated well above what the car was producing and looks pretty good to me. Flywheel is a...
New Posts  All Forums: