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    You're just lacking humility. What you're saying is that after 45 hours of training, 15 of them in class you're good to go on any bike as long as practice in a parking lot ?   And after that you attack the other's arguments on experience ?   If you had ridden on smaller bikes you would know the difference acceleration control make, and actually how to apprehend a newer, bigger bike. I maintain that you just got lucky.   As for under or over 750cc, displacement is not...
Yeah, after a quick research, seems to deliver worldwide :)
They're also stiffer that the competition. If you know your size and want one shipped to the US, maybe i can help ? If you want a quotation on how much it would cost to sent it over the pond, just let me know.
    Thing is, there's a 99% chance that you didn't knew what you were doing, principally because you had no idea what the bike was capable of doing. And how could you, since you had no way to compare it with anything ?   This is the recipe for disaster and that's why what you did should never at any point and for anybody be a recommandation.   There's no way we can stress enough that being able to do something and being able to totally control it aren't the...
Looks good in picture but i wouldnt ride a bike that has its exhaust so close to my leg :)   Is that the front end of 600 CBR RR ? Where does that dragster end comes from ?
        Have you tried sartso ? I find them to be very close to my 501 levi's. or
I second the working on shoulders idea. Working lats and delts will give you a V shape that takes attention from the hips. Don't forget to also work out the lower body to avoid the "chicken legs" syndrom.
You should join Fun way to travel and/or meet people from a lot of different horizons in your city.   Basically the "magic formula" is "be interested and interesting" so aside of doing different things so that you have materials and experience to stuff into a conversation, always look for what you can learn from people, which means getting them to talk about what they're good at/with. Diversity is the key to finding the right kind of people you want...
Paris airports are well deserved by public transportation. A cab or any ride will cost you around 100 eurs where a train ticket is 10 eurs and will take 45 minutes.
I don't know if you can only find it in France, but the P&M 7yo and the Louvois Single malt (Guillon) are worth a shot. No pun intended. My preference goes to the last one.       If you're celtic you might want to try one from Warenghem they're from Brittany and their single malt won a best european whisky award.  
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