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that broguing is awesome, so fatty and substantial, almost tricker status.
Vestbash, yr gramp's kicks are so dope. Love the fraying of the double stitch. Too far out
   I talked to Bryan at LSBH and he said lining issues were a lot harder to fix. I sent my well loved #8 chukkas, that had substantial lining holes in the heels to Alden, and they were unable to fix them. Did you have a different experience, REguy?
  king chukka from LSBH, 1 resole, dirty room Civilianaire 13.5oz Super Slim Black Denim, cropped hi 
dude, this pic is amazing
Im creepin at work, and forgot my SF pw. bummer
I got them cropped super high, so that length is accurate. The opening is 15"
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