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Changed almost all my sizes in the past couple of months.. Looking for slim fit 16/16.5 neck 42 chest 36 sleeve shirts, as well as slim 42L(26.5=
Looking for suits/blazers in a 44L/XL, need 19.5-20 inch shoulders, 26.5-27 inch sleeves, prefer a slim fit. Pants would ideally be 36-38, 34   Offer me any good Navy, Charcoal, Gray 2 buttons/3 roll 2/double breasted suits you are looking to unload. I prefer solids and pinstripes. Also looking for a staple navy blazer with metal buttons, both single and double breasted.
If 14 fits me snugly in the Austens, will I be the same size for the Addisons?
Anyone have the Brunel boot? Is it TTS?
Could someone PM me Allison's email
What is the lowest that Dalton seconds go?
Planning to pick up some Red Wings during the Nov 20th double corporate discount day, do you reckon there might be a cheaper sale on shoes during Thanksgiving/End of year sales?
What is the procedure for returning shoes ordered from the outlets if I don't have the original receipt with the return slip?
Looking for a brown jacket, preferably a moto in 52-please contact me
How often does the shoebank get new stock of seconds? Is it worth emailing them each month?
New Posts  All Forums: