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Sorry if this has been addressed 1000 times but I want to be clear. We are NOT able to preorder a size 46 suit with a size 44 trouser, correct? Thanks.
Pm sent. Thanks.
I'm interested in hearing about this as well. Good question.
The hem measures at 8" and the inseam at 34.5". And yes, Japonese fabric. Thanks.
@gdl203, @conceptual 4est Maybe I missed this but I can pre order a EU size 44 in the Rotas, correct?
I'm not entirely sure tbh, as I don't have experience with AE. It is a slim fitting last, however. Probably comparable to Carmina's Simpson last.
Barely used Baldwin Denim jeans for sale. Reed fit, classic straight fit, button fly. Wore once, decided they were a little too wide.    Unaltered, basically new. Never washed.   Measurements: Waist: 15.5"   Rise: 9"   Knee: 8"   Asking $100, buyer pays shipping.   Please don't hesitate to pm if you have any questions. Thanks!
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