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Any update on a belt restock?
Shout out to the dudes at EP, picked up some Carmina tassel loafers. Great customer service!!!
Possible noob question here, but does anyone know if there is any significant difference (if any, besides the name) between Epaulet's "Salinger" double monk and Carmina's regular stock double monk? Thanks!
Just received these today.
I called the NY store last week with the same question but didn't get much of an answer. If I remember correctly it sounded like it was possible but somewhat of a pain. If anyone else has a solution id also be interested in hearing it.
Does anyone in the US have any experience ordering from Europe? I'd like to get ahold of some Jort trousers and I'm wondering if there's an easy way to do it. Thanks in advance. *Edited for punctuation.
I like the jacket! Suit or sport coat?
Haberdash has a few pieces up as well. http://korvue.shophaberdash.com/products/?searchtext=Eidos&x=-1126&y=-155§ion=302&tAction=Search
Thanks, Crat, I think you're right!
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