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Make me an offer! Thanks!
I'd really like another shot at the Document parka. Also, I recently saw a picture of Yasuto Kamoshita in a navy db pinstriped suit. I'm not sure if the picture was old or more recent but I'd be cool to add that to my wardrobe.
Hey guys, I have an Eidos jacket for sale in b&s. If you get to me within a day I'll knock 15% off. There's a link in my bio. Thank you! Mods, if this isn't okay go ahead and do your thing!
+1. Thanks to both of you guys for the videos!
Do you guys have any topcoats coming?
No worries, thanks!^
@conceptual 4est Are the jeans you're wearing here sold through nmwa? If so, what size are you?
Thanks for the mention, @razl!
Sure. Length: 73.5 cm Shoulders: 45 cm Pit to pit: 50 cm I have the newer nmwa version and it's one cm longer based on my measurements. The older model tends to wear a bit shorter. Thanks.
Eidos sport coat for sale.   Unaltered, NMWA Lorenzo, size 46R, donegal navy wool cashmere mix. Fully canvassed. Excellent condition, like new.   Asking $500 or best offer. Lower 48 only.   Beautiful jacket, doesn't get the wear it deserves, hoping it'll go to someone who will wear it more.   Please don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions.     Thanks!     Edit*
New Posts  All Forums: