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Did you guys order a bigger run of the sport coats or is it still pretty limited?
Really? How does it wear, does it wrinkle like linen?
^ F'n A.
I'm happy about that, too. Particularly that the NMWA guys understand what you're going for from a design/styling point of view, which is also what I personally love about the Eidos ethos. Hopefully other retailers (salesman included) will figure it out within the next few years.
Why the shortening of the jackets? Just so retailers will pick them up? Curious, thanks.
Whoops, missed that... Thank you!!
Where's the first Jacket? I'm not seeing these on the site US site.
Probably both, but maybe even more (like their store). To my knowledge they all seem rather young and are representing a somewhat conservative tailored clothing aesthetic. I think it looks great and I hope it influences and excites other young people like it has for me.
^Agreed. I think the armoury guys are some of the best dressed guys on the Internet.
Very cool, thanks for the info.
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