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Very cool, thanks for the info.
Does anyone know what factory produces PJ suits? So far I've only gathered that they're made somewhere in Italy. Thanks.
Anybody here??
^ Thank you!
Hey guys, has anyone gone from Carmina's Inca or Uetam to Meermin's Park last? I'm a 9.5 UK and am wondering if I can keep that the same for Meermin. Thanks.
I agree 100% with this. Often times I think guys get carried away with too many patterns and colors, which ultimately makes an outfit look messy and fussy. IMO a little bit of variance goes a very long way.
I'm in for a pair if it's not too late. Thanks.
I don't own any of Ambrosi's trousers but I do admire his aesthetic. In my very humble opinion his work adds uniqueness to trousers which I normally find somewhat boring and drab.
And this Filson I tend to like a longer look, makes me feel like I'm not shopping for groceries.
I should have been more specific regarding the material, which I'm assuming you guys would make out of leather...Anyway.IMO these are all what I'd consider "masculine".MismoMaster-piece
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