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BNIB Meermin Chukkas   Calf Leather   Size 9.5UK, park last, GMTO   Have not been worn outside of my bedroom, they simply do not fit my feet   No shoe trees included   Great quality for the price, no visible defects   Asking $200, OBO   Please PM with any further questions   Thanks!
Wait, where are you? And what size jacket did you try on?
Any plans for a restock of the brown Carmina tassel loafers on the uetam any time soon?
Might not help but I'm a slim 36 and the small fits perfectly. Lanky arms included.
Question for those with polos: how do they hold up in the wash? Tag says to hand wash but I'm curious to see if anyone just uses the washing machine. Thanks.
^ Seriously!! Edit-referring to Murl...
Did you guys order a bigger run of the sport coats or is it still pretty limited?
Really? How does it wear, does it wrinkle like linen?
^ F'n A.
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