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They are very nice and well made. By the way, you can take the leather off. It's removable
I'm looking for Tudor Boot in Parisian brown museum calf. Size 7.5 UK. If you can get me those i'll be more than happy to buy them!
anyone knows where can I find the RLPL Eden shoes on sale ? I don't want to pay 1250+tax for them online. Any stores to call ? I need them ASAP as i'll be leaving next week. Any ideas ?
any coupons to share?
damn! I wish i checked the forum 10 mins ago before i placed my order
Real or fake? Saw them on ebay, the seller (todaybay) also sells prada crocodile sneakers which was exclusive to neiman marcus last Christmas in red and black. but he sells them in brown!? So i'm just woundering... Here are the prada sneakers, you can find them at neiman marcus website
Thanks for the pictures! Amazing Those John Lobb Tudor Boots are killing me. Any idea if they are going to be on sale? and how much will they cost? I don't want to feel guilty for paying $1500 + tax for them @ NM
Definitely Armani! Collezioni and Emporio. Used to be made in Italy, now 70% are made in Turkey and other cheap countries. Quality is going down, prices are going up. Who would pay $600 for cheap armani collezioni polyester jacket? I have noticed Ralph Lauren is starting to follow Armani
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