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Thanks man ! Yes I see what you mean. That scarf is a lot of fun to play with, and, i dont mean to be bragging here, but if there is a kamasutra for scarves, I probably tried all positions with that one. @sinnedk, @institches, @spacepope : thx guys for the feedback, it is much appreciated. (indeed I wish I had some IS or Kumagai pants...)
This is DetroitXpost from challenge [[SPOILER]]
Missing deadlines at work and missing deadlines on SF... [[SPOILER]] DD1.3Inaisce coat - wool / silkSS bee sweater - mohair / woolForme d'expression scarf - ramie / linenUte ploier distorted jeans. - charcoal/black denimInaisce x layer 0 derby - cordovan
Hi everyone , haven't been here for a while...Been wearing this fit a lot lately. Pics are from october though, when I went back home.Poeme bohemien, umit benan, zam , ISx2 [[SPOILER]]
can provide more pics on request.
added pics
SNS Herning ION sweater Condition like new Heavy weight   Size L, fits TTS for EU50 / US50   Measurements : Pit to pit : 22' Shoulder to shoulder : 18' Sleeves : 27' Back length : 26.5'   Add $8 for shipping (that thing's heavy !)   The color is kinda navy but it has some khaki green speckles   Note : I'll be out of the country from dec 23rd to Jan 5th and wont be able to ship items during that time.
Size M (48EU/38US)   The first picture is the actual kaftan for sale. The online shop pics with model are for the same item in a different color (blue stripes instead of purple with blue dots in mine)   Condition is excellent.   CONUS only Add $5 for shipping
Three Animals shirt SS2013     Flat measurements : Pit to pit : 20.75' Shoulder to shoulder : 16.75' Sleeves : 25' Back Length : 31'   Excellent condition   Gorgeous flamed wood buttons and suede appliques on chest pocket, button placket and back yoke.   $110 + $5 shipping via Paypal.
Stephan Schneider 'Eternal' trousers from FW2013   SIZE 5   Measurements (flat) : Waist 16.5' Inseam 32' Hem 6.75'   Perfect new condition, just doesn't fit with my wardrobe right now...   Fabric is thick cotton canvas, not unlike the fabric of Zam's soft J pants for instance.   $190 + $5 shipping   Pay through Paypal.
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