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Where did u find that tee El bert?
Its aLol no Its a scarf collar
  [[SPOILER]]  Zam x3 / KVA / IS / old Raf / L&F / A. McD 
Jeans too skinny imo
 orly ?
I'm a NERD   [[SPOILER]]  Rabbit fur aviator hat - n(n)ramie/silk scarf - formeblack wool tweed robe - l&fsuede bag - ISwash paper / cotton trousers - IAcordovan derbies - IA x L0
 Dead on. I wear those DNA min with Schneider tops or outerwear all the time. I did that with my Soft Js too, but these FW14 are even more appropriate. Thx man, yes these are the Nasreddin pants. I love them so much i got them in 2 different fabrics.Wear your harness bag in good health  
Good stuff Stitchy ! Pants look great
tx buddy ! just tryin to keep up. You set the bar high already..
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