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nice to see some people back - @Noctone, @berlin report, @Syeknom - all good fits. now this is more lifestyle than proper fit pics . from before the rain season started. Been stuck at home due to the weather, so here i am posting again EDIT: congrats @nicelynice   [[SPOILER]]
might be hard to see, but u are essentially describing the knit he s wearing. I have the same one (isabel benenato), and its about as grungy as it gets.
vivienne westwood virgin wool dropcrotch
Had a fantastic time last night, and the best food. In addition to being fashion-savvy and good-looking, that squad is made of the nicest people. Looking forward to see them (and why not other SFers ) again soon.
@rais posts keep getting better. @el bert i love it, and might even be improved with a simple white tee, to let the knit run the show. pants are Peir ?
This beautiful tale made me shed a tear.
arrrh no way i can make it during the week... tx tho
what shop is it nn ?
Cosplay is the best play   Featuring @Rais ™ stance         Mykita x DD, ZB, Obscur, Devoa, TVA, AMD spiral zips (no vis)
actually that would be more practical tho. I rarely use em to play guitar
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