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the haul from the last month or so   coat + shoes       IS workboots :   Damir x Mykita peridot DD02     Raf knit       Zam soft J pants
@Lokesh the stacking is awesome. Which Zam pants ? DNA or minimalists ?
[[SPOILER]] ZamKVA mandarin collar shirt & bomberDamir lightweight pleated trousersKVA sandals
would ve been better with other pants, but anyway here we go. Wearing my sluttiest knit, without an under layer, for this challenge.   [[SPOILER]]  MMMT by WangJEMMM
again this was last week  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
It was 1 week ago tho Damir x Mykita Lost&found long jacket/cardigan Silent tee Umit benan cargos No vis black boots Thx @nicelynice for the shopping recommendations , even tho i didnt have time to check em out in the end.. (only attempt failed since the attachment store was closed by the time i got there). Sakura glimpse : edit: resizing
Thats terrible, wish you better days soon, Jet
KG moved in with Snow
Fits more like 36 in shoulders and pits however sleeves arr morr like 38. It will fit only a very slim 38. Plus construction was very poor and the hooks were falling apart.
Yay or nay ? I'm mostly wondering what would you wear these shoes with ? @el Bert you have similar ones ? are they versatile enough ?
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