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       [[SPOILER]]  old CKC merino t-neckRaf FW2001/2002 wool jacket/coat thingInAisce washi paper Nasreddin pantsAndrew Mcdonald boots brand synergy 
Agreed - dudes like you , @uzairh or @eckblk seem to have a vast collection of pretty dope stuff, would be nice for us to see it worn.  On CC, yes that Collateral Concepts series is quite amazing. Now sharing my experience reg. leather jackets : i cant buy leathers without trying on first. Thats one thing ive found out in Japan, having the opportunity to try out so much stuff in person : i havent been able to find Incarnation, MA+ or Owens leathers that didnt fit me...
Thx man - lets make a deal with that crazy Linea coat of yours
@DeadBoy IRL the jacket looks black. But when you get closer you can see the pattern and grey/white/charcoal/navy speckles.  Was very surprised to see that one of SFTM FW16 features an almost identical jacket :   As for the pants, they re wool minimalist from FW14
same old   [[SPOILER]]  TVAx2ZambIS
@creepinatshirt love that, shoes finish it off nicely @endorphinz your pics have a much better angle since u changed pic location. Now I really appreciate ur fits
maybe its just my phone, but I really want to see clearer pics of that coat
@baltimoron looks fine to me
^^^ holy f...k
liking the fit below the knees. Thighs seem a bit tight , no ? How did you size ?
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