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actually that would be more practical tho. I rarely use em to play guitar
        Mykita x DD, ZB, JE, TVA, IS   The pants fabric is actually more like heavy weight denim rather than 'linen-y'. Also they're darker/dirtier looking than on photo.
we linen these days       Mykita x Damir doma Lost & Found linen jacket JE silk tee Viridi-Anne thick linen pants dirty skechers
Ya yoox is risk free providing you comply with the rules. Anyone saying the contrary is full of crap
Dude dont use the argument that the european style is more fitted and therefore better. Just like a lot of americans wear oversized stuff in a bad way, a lot of europeans wear shit thats too tight in a bad way. Doesnt make it right. Judging by your fits you clearly dont know what youre doing - start by sizing correctly and it will be a big improvement. Also learn to take criticism and to shut up sometimes. That coming from a fellow 'european' btw, whatever that means..
What store is 'news' pls ?
Dunno how u manage to pull this off @rais. That was a tough one to get right. Somehow ur shoes balance out the bomber. Is it juun J ?
yo, i'm in !!I'll PM you once i'm all settled
i know man... I was there during summer '11. No air conditioning that year... it was nasty.
sorry no polo   [[SPOILER]]  Oliver Peoples x the soloistForme d'expression ramie/silk scarfJE silk teeMMM semtex nucleo-lyptic organic fiber knitSimon Miller jeansCKC sneakers
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