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A couple of friends recently moved from London to tokyo. She got a local contract with square enix,  but he got an expat contract with a brit company, hence he is paid in GBP. His FB page just turned into the Wailing Wall.
great colour. Do you know what s the ref for it ?
Thanks man. Yes Gullam is also the only one i could think of, and last time i went they didnt have the sneakers. I do need to check the James Kearns ones though.
@nicelynice or anyone, do you know of any tokyo store that has a1923 sneakers ? Curious about em and wanna see irl
interesting question. I thought the consensus was to size up 1 or even 2, until my wife and I tried some 3 months ago. I tried some 788 and 989, and true to size were the best. I thought the width was too tight actually, but the seller (who knows his shit better than i do, so im inclined to trust him) said it should be as tight as possible, because they wil lstretch quickly, and you also get more awesome creases that way. My wife tried also another model, and she ended up...
in Japan, several times...
plans to go window shopping with the local SF crew last weekend didnt pan out, so i took the family to the zoo, zoo, zoo...     Mykita x Damir doma Golem YYPH Inaisce x Layer 0 and daisies
Glad that she's still kicking. She looks quite healthier on those pics.
spending holidays back home    [[SPOILER]]  Mykita x DD - EG - Devoa - IS - Layer 0 - Common Robbies These L0 have been overdue for a good hemming for a year and a half now... Thats how lazy i can be.
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