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plans to go window shopping with the local SF crew last weekend didnt pan out, so i took the family to the zoo, zoo, zoo...     Mykita x Damir doma Golem YYPH Inaisce x Layer 0 and daisies
Glad that she's still kicking. She looks quite healthier on those pics.
spending holidays back home    [[SPOILER]]  Mykita x DD - EG - Devoa - IS - Layer 0 - Common Robbies These L0 have been overdue for a good hemming for a year and a half now... Thats how lazy i can be.
Same fabric ?
@matsa exactly, the Bunkyo ward's office @rjbman thx man !
speaking of same old... ZambPoemeTVACD few weeks ago HALF MAN, HALF BABY. ALL COP.    [[SPOILER]] mykita, inaisce, devoa, uniqlo, cp x geller no vis
@LA Guy if you are referring to MMoria, those are more like $3K a pop , actually.
Simon Miller light washes are awesome. My favorite jeans I own, maybe even pants, period.
hamarikyu gardens !
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