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Hey thanks Frank! Glad u liked it ūüėä
Guadalajara is good, i'd personnally skip and go to Guanajuato instead, if i had a tight schedule and had to choose. Though, 3 days are enough for Guanajuato, while you can spend slightly more itme in Guadalajara, so that's something to factor as well.
 in the SLP state. Definitely not a popular area for visitors - Foreigners rather go to Guanajuato, Queretaro or san Miguel de Allende, all of them in a 3 or 4 hours radius from where i was. Basically all old colonial silver mining towns. That area of Mexico is my favorite, so many 'hidden' gems still.Where are you going ? And fuck, nobody commented on my dope-ass wall.
Product shot looked like shit but not bad on you
last week in central mexico   the soloist x OPU-ni-ty (maybe my fav shirt)Viridi anne linenskecherscote et ciel backpack  [[SPOILER]]  And please comment on this last fit (unsure about the hat) : [[SPOILER]]
@RaisThat fit is incredible. The pop of red gives a nice sprezz touch, I can't really find a better word. Also gives the fit kind of an 80s Italian vibe.
[[SPOILER]]     Zam Barrettbeater teePlokhovbeater sketchers
??Would be a terrible name for gloves, rather. Ccp's tho..
yo Alex, no holidays for me ! This week-end Im out of town for a wedding, and wednesday will be leaving to mexico for work. I wanted to go see Mono & Boris in Ebisu tuesday night, but i haven't figured out the logistics yet to make that happen...be back on Oct 1st though, and after that every week end is pretty open ! Let's plan something then, if you're available. I'll PM you upon my return.
@nevergreen cool shirt !
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