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selling size V Ijevan cardigan and Eternal pants (FW13 i think) if anyone s interested
@Mojo1990 http://www.iaparticles.com/jackets-outer/2l7r1drwn0liw3r3s2a3ud18m1dx6o actually that IA coat isn't especially exciting either. But in terms of Ziggy Chen , check out Gullam 13 s website , they seem to have better ZC coats in terms of fabric, visual interest, etc Check out Individual Sentiments too, they have an excellent AW16 collection... Cruvoir have some of their coats.
Alex LUC coat looks kinda similar to the Ziggy you posted, but probably thicker and less drape. But i like it much better fir instance. You could also fond a harnden cat such as nicelynice s in that price range. Inaisce coat on sale on their website. Just a few options
Yeah both are really boring. For that price u can get much better elsewhere
Always a pleasure to meet fellow SFers ! Have a good trip
thx man, yeah i was actually looking for one this summer... Maybe next summer
Lol when you post right after Diniro...   from Mexico   and a glory shot of dislocating beaters and pants texture   Oliver peoples x Soloist Unity LUC
U remind me of Thom Yorke
Legitimately priced cheese is my grail here... Screw fashunz
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