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^dat closeup looks nasty
Mmh i find the jacket quite hideous actually. Take this with a grain of salt though as thats what i think of almost errything Cloak...
^Very nice..
Looks good
KKA make similar ones , with a better cut and probably better quality.
Would be better with socks and no cuffs
Change of scenery from the usual... Looking back on these past couple of days pics, seems like i've been doing nothing but carry a baby around. TVA linen/cotton hatSchneider cotton yukata ?JE teeIS reversed calf bagVivienne Westwood virgin wool trousersKVA calf skin sandals  [[SPOILER]]
Shirt looks fun too.
Why do u think he goes by the initials nn ?
I like his fits tho. I was referring to his unabashed yet hilarious tyranny.
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