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I also saw them on Farfetch
Thx guys! I waited it out for about 3 months before finally pulling the trigger. I was a bit bothered by the cropped length, as Baron mentioned. I even contacted the SFTM staff , asking them about measurements, etc They were really helpful. They said that they designed those pants to be worned with leggings or high socks, obviously, but they suggested that by unrolling the cuff (it s sewn, but very easy alteration to do/undo) you could make them about 10cm longer. However...
i recently pledged allegiance to Song for the Mute   [[SPOILER]]  Song for the mute jacket & pants  If only was true angora/alpaca thin knitIndividual Sentiments bootsMA+ bag (thx @AlexanderTG !) Pants are an incredible japanese needle punch wool mix (alpaca, mohair, virgin wool)
@frankcowperwood ARE YOU REGIS FATHER
^looking great ! btw Bene how was it to meet Sam Rockwell irl ??
^yes indeed. But...who the hell knows Hugo Lloris in Australia??
@nyarkies very nice, the fit looks really good on you. I like that much more than CCP tbh. I ve always been curious about Ierib. He was in Tokyo a few weeks ago to give a chance to people from around here to see and try his stuff out, but i couldn t make it. Thx for sharing
@nahneun goin
love the green. Lighting is epic too. Final Fantasy protagonist lvl
    [[SPOILER]]        SFTM jacketKVA band collar shirtTVA resin coated pantsAndrew McDonald
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