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ha i really liked the top half and wasn't expecting white pants as i scrolled down. I wrote my comment more out of surprise than anything else.Unpredictability can be a good thing.
@nicelynice, hey man is there a place you would recommend for pants alteration (got some lyr0 I might get adjusted some) ? (And may i ask what s that hair salon you talked about the other day ?) You might as well start your own SF/yelp app
@endorphinzwhite pants with that fit ? Hmm
Excellent. Deets ?
My take away from this whole discussion is to make a black list of B&S pants vendors.
I wouldn't add the hood.Also , and that might be just a personal preference, I don't like raglan sleeves on coats and jackets. Indeed I don't like it in that seh pic either.
?? Don't, its an ugly jacket
With babies, pocket squares budget is second only to diapers budget
YYour best, looks very natural
so is Ute Ploier done with menswear ?
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