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Good to see some Three Animals here. Decent quality and good designs - at a rather low price point.I was into them esp 2 years ago and Ming sent me (expedited to the US from France, all for free !) an ipad sleeve made up from fabric leftovers from the FW14 collection, and hard copies of the SS14 lookbook with a handwritten note.
the ph blazer looks very tight and short, is it how it generally fits or could you use the size up ?
Medieval ruins - XIIth centuryI cant believe i never visited before while they're only a mere 15mn drive from my hometown...    [[SPOILER]]  Viridi anne x Kijima Takayuki linen hatPoeme Bohemien silk shirtYohji linen pantsIndividual sentiments calf bootsCote & ciel waxed cotton bag - filled up with diapers, wipes and snacks. And a bow and arrow for good measure.
Happy summer holidays everyoneThis is from northwest france  TVAxKijima Takayuki, mykita x DD, JE, YY, KVA, pise tower pose, 18mths  [[SPOILER]]
always cold water actuallyi think the A Wang tee probably went through a dryer a couple times. The JE tee, I always hung it up. Have nt had a dryer for a while now
surprised nobody recommended JE tees yet. No linen, but nice silk tees. I would def recommend the silk ones vs the regular cotton ones. My silk tee has kept the same shape and size after many washes, while the cotton one now looks like Damir doma (which is cool tho dont get me wrong - but i dont think thats what you re going for) They also have mercerized tees now, which i have no experience with. Also would advise against A. Wang silk tees unless you size up 2 or 3...
Welcome to Japan TVA x Kijima Takayuki linen hatUqlo linen shirtYY SS15 linen pantsIS python leather bootsshinseibank fan   [[SPOILER]]
what is it ?
@Eddiee, that is awesome !!!  Im very honored you were inspired and took the time to do this and have fun with it. Thank you
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