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thx man, yeah i was actually looking for one this summer... Maybe next summer
Lol when you post right after Diniro...   from Mexico   and a glory shot of dislocating beaters and pants texture   Oliver peoples x Soloist Unity LUC
U remind me of Thom Yorke
Legitimately priced cheese is my grail here... Screw fashunz
its unbelievable how in the past 2 weeks people here have been selling things in my size that are all very appealing to me... (the MA+ boots, L0 jacket, PH blazer ,etc) I am so proud of myself for resisting the temptation...   maybe i just confirmed that I dont belong to this baller club..
I couldnt be happier with mine,my wife loves it and even wants one (!!??) but i dont think he s got anything that could fit her style. Sizings all over the place from what ive seen, i can fit some in S, M or L depending on the model. For sure ask them for sizing advice. Better to take a bit fitted because his leathers (guidi) have some stretch.
Im the same in both sweaters and shirts. Im mostly 48, sometimes 50 and size 5 for shirts is perfect. I tried 6 once and i was floating in it. I can understand sizing down 1 on sweaters because shoulders are usually wide. But then the length and pits would be a concern for me
Id advise against getting these size 6 shirts if you are 5 in sweaters.
THx man ! Wow they even have a website. Quite impressive. I ll check them out !
yeah looks good enough to me ! May I ask who is your tailor / where is he located ? I have some serious backlog of stuff that needs some work
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