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@beepbop fantastic coat Same old (its leather weather again in Tokyo yay)  Soloist glassesIncarnation calf jacketForme d Expression linen/ramie/silk scarfTVA linen pantsbeaters this time with If only was true cashmere/angora knit, SFTM crazy pants and MA+bag [[SPOILER]]
Haven't posted in a while ; Tokyo gang looking good!Here's from China's Jilin province : Giuliano Fujiwara, Rayban, Norwegian Rain, Avialae, Red Wings steel toe shoes (??!), Carven gloves the NR Moscow definitely passes the extreme weather test... Excellent winter coat. and some more fits from this winter :Fujiwara, Inaisce, Schneider, Zam x2, CPxGeller    [[SPOILER]]
man i like the red blazer but why do you have those big round patches around the buttons ? Can they be easily removed ?
dunno but im told he just bought that gbs suit too
i imagine it looks much better irl... On pic, it looks very eurotrash
Zam, going forward, i think you should just ignore such posts. Dont bother replying. my 2cts   Fwiw, i ve made many transactions with Zfactorie, I ve had a couple of logistics issues, but in the end i always got what i paid for.   Guys, pls dont use this thread as a communication board with Zam/Zfactorie about the status of your orders or to whine about shit.   Btw, to put things in perspective, i feel like a lot of people are also frustrated or disappointed with...
its a soap dispenser. I hate those
same here, unfortunately my order shipped to my address in France ! I ll have to wait til my next visit there to open the package. Cant wait tho 
 Yeah green is good... From those 3, id say #3. Even though i m generally averse to patch pockets as well, it didnt bother me when we saw it at Lift. By the way when i received my Norwegian Rain pre-order, 2 or 3 weeks ago, it suddenly hit me that almost every single of my clothing purchases in 2016 was some kind of green ! 
edit : to nn man thats funny you say that, i actually thought it looked like a very similar leather as the blue PS derbies they have there. I didnt look at their petrosolaum upclose but they do look nice. I think i preferred the shape of the TM. But yeah, the price is hard to swallow. I definitely need to look more into PS though I ll need some work shoes soon...
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