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Same fabric ?
@matsa exactly, the Bunkyo ward's office @rjbman thx man !
speaking of same old... ZambPoemeTVACD few weeks ago HALF MAN, HALF BABY. ALL COP.    [[SPOILER]] mykita, inaisce, devoa, uniqlo, cp x geller no vis
@LA Guy if you are referring to MMoria, those are more like $3K a pop , actually.
Simon Miller light washes are awesome. My favorite jeans I own, maybe even pants, period.
hamarikyu gardens !
needs some accessory or something to avoid the full obaa-san look
maybe the best challenge yet. its unfortunate i couldnt find the time to participate (also, my excuse is that Tokyo during spring is too cute to provide dystopian photography opportunities). Great fits and write-ups ! Also Raise proved to be quite the leading man here, promoting & encouraging participation.
is that a lanvin leather ? Incredible fit all around
@benesyed shoes look good
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