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finally some mmoria that i like
yeah i feel like a lot of those French chef pastry shops are overpriced and not always the best you can find here in Tokyo. I can recommend Ryoko in Takanawa, borderline ok prices and top quality. Very bummed that they will move out of the hood soon tho... To stay on topic with more green, here is a special order i just received last week, 2 months earlier than expected. Incredible deep emerald green color, with blueish undertones depending on lighting :    
Did u see it at DSM ? Last week there wasnt any fw stuff yet, i think
what is it ?
its a pity they dont fit. I would have said yes to the short + jacket combo. Jacket alone, not so interesting imho
I like them a lot. They actually look quite ordinary. But proportions and fit are just right.
@soband then the jkt and pants are too similar to be worn together. You may want to just stick to a regular suit for the wedding.
in case anyone s wondering, the Vexillo sweater is a bit short in the body, while the shoulders are slightly dropped. Therefore id still recommend to go TTS. I would have preferred a more conventional cut, but the textural interest makes up for it. Also got a Points cardigan on deep sale, it is quite good, reminds me of the Sage a few seasons ago.
Sorry man i didnt realize ud ordered them, i wouldnt have said that. Not my thing but i can see them work well with your tech/minimalist wardrobe. Gator shoes in the back are the shit tho
Ouch, i thought that was saracastic, but then i saw more praise thereafter... i really found those shoes hideous... 
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