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I just rock a Coach
Do you guys have your "nice" jeans hemmed? I have seen some people rocking a cuff but then I see some cuffs that are just ridiculous!
Thanks for the link mlyngard. I agree I have to do more research before I choose.
Thank you obnavox youve been very helpful
Thanks! I guess I have only one more question... Because I havent worn selvage or anything before the only jeans I have to go by are my Rock and Repuclics and my Sevens. I wear a 33 in my R&R and a 34 in my Sevens. The jeans I am looking at are the Regular Alfs (Ralfs) so they arent a "skinny" jean. says its a bootcut...
Thank you. I am thinking about sizing down one, I wouldnt mind a looser fit, but not baggy I want it to still look good in the butt lol
another: Do you have to size-down on Nudies?
thanks! quick reply too thats awesoem
OK super noob here. I am ready to purchase a good pair of jeans. I have read about dry denim (is that salvage)? Anyway, they are so dark...I know not to wash all the time, etc. but will the color begin to fade and the natural wear pattern begin to show? I think those look amazing and would like to start working on my own pair... I found some Nudie Dry Old Organic...would that work?
My arms always sucked, always small and never growing... Two things I did to really make them start growing: - Other lifts, such as more presses, pull ups, chin ups, etc. - Focused on triceps, arms got big after that, and with the other stuff my biceps caught up and I am finally happy with them. (well, almost, need another inch and a half)
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