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I've got a thing tonight, and was wondering about something. I got two suits, a navy 3-button and a dark gray 2-button. The navy is not here right now its in my closet at home (I am at school). I dont want to go with a full suit tonight, but was wondering if I could wear the gray jacket with jeans and a nice shirt. I also have a corduroy jacket but its not as dressy obviously. Would this work or should I forgo a jacket all together for a sweater? Ive heard that a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl Packin a pimp stick lol
Jewelry I wear a simple David Yurman necklace and a Rolex Submariner. Simple I guess
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet I wear a '77 stainless steel datejust. I have a smallish wrist, and this fits perfectly. GORGEOUS watch
No matter how many clothes I get I always go back to a few staples. Duh, should have realized that a long time ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Nice That's exactly what I'll be getting Its a great watch, very clean looking which is probably my favorite part about it. Obviously they come with dates too, and I have heard that the ones with the COSC rating printed on the dial are actually quite desirable considering they specifically were not produced as long as the non-COSC (Mine). however, the non-COSC's dial is so damn clean looking it has its...
Hey its 4:42am, I should be asleep...so maybe yeah I do. I will say that Melatonin actually helps me alot. Gives me some awesome crazy dreams too, dont know why...
I try to consume about a gallon a day, especially because I lift and run. I feel better when I do.
Generic Google photo but this is exactly what my watch looks like: Rolex 14060M
I wear mostly these: RayBan RB3217 58s, They were supposed to be my beaters, and they are, except I find myself wearing them almost exclusively they arent even what I would have bought for myself they were given to me. My "favorite" pair (though I dont wear them since the 3217s came along) is a RayBan Aviator but they are more square than round or teardrop. I cannot find them anymore This is the closest pic I can find, mine are silver frame with grey lenses...
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