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Quote: Originally Posted by robdpittman Clarks are pretty universally a half-size large. This goes for their sister company Bostonian as well. Any store which carries Clarks should be able to special order the Desert Boot in any colour and any size, and turnaround for a special order through a retailer is usually about two weeks in North America. Yeah I am a normal 13, but they came and I decided to try the 12 and those fit much nicer so I...
I love Gap's new denim. A+ would buy again
I got my DBs in just now. 13 cuz I wear 13. I don't think it would be good to size down to a full 12 but they do not offer a 12.5... The only area they seem loose is the back and I have some room up front but the sides would be too tight if I sized down a whole size. Would you keep?
Expecting mine in tomorrow morning
Lol thanks guys going with zappos
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Zappos gets to me within 24 hours. How do you beat that!? you cant, thats why im thinking spend 10 extra bucks and get it super quick
well zappos says 4-5 days too but thats never happened. its like 3 at most. so i figured maybe shoebuy was fast too
Oh yeah, Im sorry. I kept sitting here thinking where to put this, totally forgot about that thread. My bad guys, sorry.
Zappos, obviously, is like next day lol. But I found a shoe cheaper on Shoebuy by 10 bucks... Do they ship as quickly as Zappos? Zappos has spoiled me with their shipping....
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello Thanks!
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