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Brooks Brothers fits me perfectly
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Hmm. Ya know, it's rumored that James Dean dipped his jacket in red paint for Rebel... . Not sure that's true, the jacket was probably just dyed red. BUT... it makes me wonder... might we not take an old pair of DBs and paint them whatever color, red, blue, green, whatever...? A Clarks DB thread challenge, anybody? For the most daring results, use house paint. Post photos of results. should I start a thread for...
Quote: Originally Posted by z7f9q I think you're over-thinking this... ditto. dont try so hard just wear what you want.
youre right, i apologize
Quote: Originally Posted by CiscoUsername It's for real, I do professional modeling sometimes. In that case it was for a Star Trek uniform site. How many of you can say that you're a professional model? The bearded guy is kind of creepy. His friends in the last picture are downright scary.
Avoid horizontal stripes and embrace the color black. Other than that:
as stated, my doc told me it was reflux. ew anyway, i lost some weight and changed my crappy diet i never get em anymore
Im no style guru, but no I dont think they are dead nor will they be.
Yep great blog indeed.
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