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Last night I had chicken on a bed of spinach it was not very memorable. I have some chinese style ribs going right now though so tonight will make up for it. mmm
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Anyone contemplating dyeing their Clarks needs to listen to some Wu-Tang. Ghostface Killah
I sized down. I originally ordered my size but found out that I indeed should size down. I did a whole size because they dont make half sizes way up in bigfoot land
I actually dig the look and cant find a decent leather chain for the life of me. Im not worried about the wallet I just want a leather chain preferably under 100 bucks and within the US... Oh and I think it will go quite nice with my new sand DBs that just came in
Where can I buy a leather wallet chain?
I think Im gonna pick up some BluBlockers lol
I buy about one expensive pair a year now. I used to be buying up expensive jeans only. Now I don't see any reason to. The new Gap fits are great for 65 lol
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc Grandfathers Rolex from the early 70's DROOOL. What model? I have an 03 Sub No Date that someday will be vintage but dang thats awesome man
I dont mind him
where can i find a leather wallet chain?
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