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Great city, Ive wanted to return since I left No hotel recommendations I cant remember where I stayed but have a good time
Cool stories. Hope people have more
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Fuzzy pic I found. thats awesome
i would probably build up some physical resistance via muscular development to the neck since I have heard a knockout is sudden energy exerted onto the brain stem in a way that literally shuts off your consciousness
I actually kind of like the jean looking pants
Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe this kid is awesome Hmm thanks I just went and played a song on Napster...kind of dig it
I woke up and turned the TV on and there was a Radiohead concert on and it totally fit the mood of the morning and now I think I'm going to go dig my CD out and listen to it today
Those Triumphs are sweet
d00d seriously eat and lift. wont take that long at your stats
Its dumb, all these old millionaires bitch about how they cant find the educated, cultured women. So when -whats her face I cant remember- hooks them up with a bunch of women these old dudes just go for the bimbos. i mean its not like they couldnt just pull a wad out of their pocket and fuck any young chick they wanted...why do they need a matchmaker for that
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