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I cant wait I am so ready for that to finally be released
How do I clean the suede I have some water spots. (I know its been answered I dont want to read through 193 pages)
Whats the best way to clean the soles of these? Mine are gross.
Love this show. Need to get my season 2 DVD
I miss watching them...^awesome you lived there
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit It's ok on both counts, but makes one look as if he is trying too hard hehehe
pretty geeked. 14 days oh man i want every pair of those shoes
I have been playing my fatty PS3 ok since this happened online MW2...I believe the only reason I dodged a bullet was that I bought my fatty like 2 months before the slim was released (doh!) so the hardware was already updated. I hope all it requires is an update. I dont think its a hack though...
my stepdad reads these books all the time he is a history buff and from what i hear yes they are good he keeps trying to get me to read them
watching women curling, mostly for this girl
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