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I guess this might be my first thread here. I have a "semi-formal" thing going on Saturday night, with the girlfriend. She wants me to wear a pink shirt and dress pants. Im not a huge fan of the no jacket look though. So I have a JCrew shirt, Brooks Brothers blue suit, and dark brown shoes. As it sits right now, its boring. I wish I had a vest but I dont and cant get one by tommroow. Any ideas on what to do as to not make this outfit as boring as I think it...
I probably wouldnt have it as my only tux, but if I had the resources to have more than one, yes.
Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons....
Love Sperrys, though when they get old and wet sometimes they start to smell something horrible.
Ive been using a cream from Arbonne, along with other products. I like it, along with a M3 razor.
I did the other day, I love FC shirts and try to incorporate whenever I can.
Good idea, havent tried that I think i am going to though thank you.
Has anybody noticed that topsiders last for a few months then start to smell? Just when I break a pair in really nice I have to throw them out due to them being gross. My feet dont normally smell or anything just these shoes. Love the shoes though.
You will be suprised, alot of guys have no sense of style at all and are going to show up in a shirt and tie, baggy khakis and questionable shoes. Youll look fine in a suit yet it wont be overdone.
I had one of those at the beginning of this month. I wore a dark navy suit, white shirt, and a tie the gf picked out because it matched her dress... I wouldnt dress black tie, just a nice suit.
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