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I suppose that reading that thread would help but its long. I dont soak. Ive heard ppl like the ocean though...
Oh my I suppose I also wear flip flops, though they are Rainbows so comfortable. My outfit right now: Hanes perfect T, AF jeans lol oops I have multiple Wu-Tang looks And I lost a brooks brothers sport coat ahhh
http://www.eshave.com/template.php?f..._afterShave_Cw here you are
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingLotus Any specific brand you recommend ? Sorry yes, I use both shave cream (I lather with a badger brush) and after shave moistuizer from E-Shave. I like the price and the smell. It smells amazing. Whit tea is my favorite then almond.
What is peoples opinion on E-shave products? shave cream and lotion...
This is always a scary thing for me too. I feel like slathering on things will clog up my face. I use some after shave cream now though, it makes it feel much better.
Grilled a sirloin and ate that with brussel sprouts. mmm then drank too much and ate a frozen pizza
It was written by Robert Stone in the early seventies about Vietnam and the drug culture in America. It was rated very well back in the day and was wondering if anyone had read it/their thoughts....
Quote: Originally Posted by cbusguy j. crew nike rrl red wing we win Go buckeyes, you look just like me on most Saturdays.
Pair of jeans, a white tee shirt, and a pair of sperry topsiders. Also a pair of Oakley Nicky Hayden Oil Rig sunglasses because im watching MotoGP right now.
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