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I guess Ive changed some things but I still dress about the same. I have cut back the mall brands a little bit though.
Im not gonna read the article but jiminy cricket... you can take the girl out of the trailer park...I guess thats where that ends though.
I read it, and I try to read Details sometimes. It was my introduction into this world. I cant bash it.
Ive seen most of season 1. Have they changed some of the cast since then (specifically the ex-husband)? i got confused. It was a watching-with-the-gf kind of thing...
Dont forget your boat shoes!
My opinion is I love the worn look especially if I did it. So in or not you can catch me in a pair.
Sounds like Jim Jones is just jealous.
A Yellow Tail Pinot Noir. Im still in school!
Everyone should read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bordain. Its interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by KhouriC water, water, water, water, workout/sweat out...repeat as needed I guess thats what I do. I need to do that actually this weekend was rough.
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