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I have 4 sitting on my dresser right now. I even went and looked.
Go for it!
i cant see it. did you take em down because of the comments. dude gonna go dead himself. and before i saw it dammit
Wow lots of helpful advice in here. I have a pair of those too I love them. I wear them alot and dont wash them unless they absolutely need it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason It affects you becoming a picture or not so wear it. Bingo And damn it wear GLOVES. Youd be suprised at the number of riders who literally bleed to death through their hands. There was a man on a car forum I heard about who went down, destroyed his hands to the point where most of his fingers were removed and if not removed amputated to stubs. He typed out a suicide note on this forum(with one of...
oops see below
I just started using an Arbonne kit that I received recently. Tonight is my first day using it but I hope to see some results.
Quote: Originally Posted by redgrail You're overthinking it. 1. Weightlift 3 times a week, compound lifts. Buy "Starting Strength" or something. 2. Do cardio 3 times a week. You can do it in a) in the morning, fasted OR b) directly after workout IF you have the energy and time OR c) 8 or more hours after workout. 3. Figure out how much you eat in terms of calories. Start eating around 500 cal below that. More calories OUT than IN - that is the only way...
I tend to use lighter scents so when I apply I spray it on my chest, neck, and maybe a little on the nape of the neck. But keep in mind we arent talking about strong scents, thats another routine. One day I was walking down the stairs and there was a small child about 6 feet behind me. They speak their minds (thankfully) and pointed out to the world that he could smell me. I knew right then to change it up, cologne is alot more sexy up close and personal.
Honestly I have begun to come away from "designer" tees and into Hanes Perfect T. But to answer: 20-30.
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