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Just 25, shipped.
Ok so I had to open the box and remove my personal information on the receipt. But it looks good, brand new.
This hat is still in its box. Never worn, brand new. Heck I wont even open the box. I have two so the one in the pic is my own. Heres the site address: It is 36 from RG. I am asking 25 plus shipping. Thanks.
Mild flu like symptoms are reported for a day or two after the shot but nothing serious. I got mine, glad I did. Did not experience any of the above mentioned systems, I guess it depends on the person.
no pics but RL sneakers, Mek jeans, hanes perfect T, jcrew sherpa hoodie
I use Jonathan Dirt. Its supposed to kind of give that havent washed it look.
Grilled cheese. Tomato Soup. Glass of milk.
Oh man I could use a sausage mcmuffin with hash browns and a coke right now. Or a steak egg and cheese bagel.
One of my favorite things that I do: Cut some strips of chicken out of a chicken breast. Dip in egg and coat with bread crumbs and coconut shavings. Bake for 15 minutes. Healthy chicken tenders. Its very good either hot or cold.
Quote: Originally Posted by GordonPears In recent years, more and more information is showing that Colon Cleansing can help evacuate the impacted fecal matter from our colon and help preserve our colon health. But, with all the techniques out there, Natural Colon Cleansing is the best LOL do you troll forums looking for people who have to detox? I wanna get paid to do that...
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