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I just made a spring/summer haul at Polo and J.Crew, BR, etc. I gotta get some pics up.
I am not going to lie here:
Yeah I could use that sweatshirt
I have been with her for about a year, and want to do something personal. I just cant think of much. Done the jewelry route for the last Christmas and birthday and want to do something different, something else...
Subscribing to this thread because burgers are my favorite food.
Cool post, thanks.
You guys are going to laugh. I had this issue too...until I tried my girlfriend's lady right guard. Didnt sweat at all, like none. I was impressed. I bought some unscented secret after that, it works, but not as well as the right guard.
I love mine... And yes, they are the Sandlot ones.
20 shipped, preferably in the US so I can keep shipping reasonable.
Congrats, you have a beautiful wife. May you have a long happy marriage.
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