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Ive done it when I didnt have another pair of acceptable shoes where I was. It was sperrys or nothing.
Just got a Rolex Submariner No Date. I love it. Will get pics ASAP.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen Looks like a cool site, but how do I use it, I cant see the products, do I have to contact them.
I love a nice part, I wear it quite often. Right now I have a mohawk though. (pre college graduation celebration, never again, dont worry)
I drink about 3-4 liters of water, or about a gallon a day. I happen to be into bodybuilding to an extent though and I think water is incredibly important.
Without reading the thread (to see if its been posted) this is my breakfast: In a blender the night before: oatmeal, peanut butter, banana, milk, and protein powder. Put in fridge overnight. Wake up. Blend. Drink while getting dressed.
Heh, I actually have a whiteboard that I jot random notes and reminders down on, and part of it is dedicated to pieces of clothing that I need to buy.
of course...
I got a pair of black Polo classic looking shorts, some Martha's Vineyard that have a cinched waist that I still havent decided on, and a pair of Hurleys.
helpful thread is helpful also looking for a nice slim fit ss oxford
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