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Brown A shirt 7 Jeans Rolex Submariner No Date WVU hat and a Tasco Riflescope belt buckle...(going back to my roots in WV) ...Its moving day...
I wash my face whenever I take a shower with whatever face wash I am trying. Probably once every two weeks or so I go through some 6 step Arbonne process (I got for free) but once that runs out Ill get a wash, exfoliant, moisturizer, and something for around my eyes.
Man some of you tall skinny people could probably use to gain some weight
I get a hard time for some Affliction shirts I was given. I dont care, they fit well and are comfy.
As bad as it sounds, this is true. After losing weight, I look better in my clothes and am able to buy better fitting and more stylish clothes.
Im rocking my No Date Sub, love it.
my guess would be eat right and workout harder. thats how i lost the one i had, and i can still enjoy to go out and have fun because my ass is in the gym the next day
Quote: Originally Posted by Singular Nice choice - wore my ref 5513 today on a leather NATO; /M very pretty band, great watch
You need to start eating everything in sight, while lifting weights. Edit: when I say everything, I do not mean shit food like mcdonalds.
I got some, I love them.
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