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SS? Military Officer?
I am on the Levi site, and see a color called "rigid tumble." They are indigo, like 501 STF... Will those jeans act like the 501 shrink to fit and take on a personality of their own or stay really blue and bland? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles I have a pair of the sand suedes too and I had been meaning to spray them with a waterproof protector, but it slipped my mind and wore them out one day without checking the weather forecast. Needless to say they are covered in small dark brown spots and if anything they look 100 times better than they did brand new. Picked up a pair of beeswax from Nordstrom Rack yesterday ($49.99!) and I can't wait to beat the hell...
my sister runs into people all the time including bono, johnny depp, and rapheal nadal and retief goosen. usually at bars or airports. ive only really ran into bob huggins. even though i am a wv fan definitely not as cool
I think she is a horrible actor anyway she rode transformers for about as far as she could
Didnt read lol
I ran 3 miles today.
why was the first post deleted
Quote: Originally Posted by erbs I would also like to know. Also, how do Wallabees fit compared to Sperry A/O? I know that I wear A/Os in some form almost everyday. I wear a 13 normally and a 13 in all Sperrys. I suppose I cannot speak for Wallabees but if they fit anywear near the DBs I wear a 12...
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