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Does APC still run its trade in discount at its NYC store? I remember that back in '08 they did when I bought my current NS's. Those NS's are on life support and I'd like to trade them in and perhaps get the discount on a new pair.
Does the APC store in NYC still run the trade in discount? If so, what is the procedure there?
The ability to accessorize is so key. http://i.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/ar.../29769.jpg?v=1 Gotta love the fireman's gloves.
is APC still doing the denim swap? Ill be in NYC soon, and my NS are about 3 years old and getting pretty threadbare. Id love to be able to swap em out for a new pair of NS.
Front Left: Keys Front Right: Cell Phone or random cash Back Left: Wallet -slim magic wallet style Back Right: Cell Phone or random cash Right handed, I like to keep the wallet on the nondominant side so I can grab a business card, credit card etc while maintaining a free dominant hand. Strange, but comfortable.
Thoughts? http://shop.helmhandmade.com/products/samuel
These are a little more ostentatious -read: not workboots or engineer boots- than most of the common pairings on this forum. Yet, I think these in a blue suede could look pretty sick with raw faded or new raw denimz. They're handmade in Turkey, apparently http://shop.helmhandmade.com/products/samuel Thoughts? DISCLAIMER: I saw these on uncrate, just to give credit, and they look pretty steezy.
Sorry maybe i wasn't clear. My jeans stretched out about an inch through the seat in about 3 weeks. They are now sitting comfortable at a measured 31. Most of that stretching in the waist was completed after about a month. The final stretching took place in the thighs and that happened over the course of about 4-5 months. I didn't do anything too extreme, and mainly just wore them. I wore them to sleep in a couple times to initially stretch them though. I...
I've had my ns for about two years now. They have been the "old ironsides" of my denim lineup. I am also a size 30 waist, and bought a size 28 in new standards, and also couldnt button them past about the second button when I first got them. I contemplated sending them back, but I decided to stick it out. For about the first week or so I only wore them around the house, simply because I couldnt get them really buttoned without the real possibility of infertility. I...
I got them for about 45, they were hovering at 25 for the whole auction until the end. I would definitely reccomend using a sniper service like gixen to make sure you get the last bid in. There are a similar pair up for auction still for the next few days. Same pair of boots a half size smaller. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...#ht_500wt_1182 Hope your a 9.5
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