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Fits in well with the current conversation. One of my favorites thus far. 
I'm in the process of buying a pair of D01s and would like to double check that they are legit. The seller sent me these pictures. What do you guys think?  [[SPOILER]]  .
7 pounds in eight weeks here. Cutting till
In that case, try treading water for a couple of minutes at a time in the deep end. Looks deceivingly easy, but is quite the workout.  
I go to the pool once a week. Can't get down my breathing right for freestyle so I mostly do backstroke. My hips always feel great afterwards. Get a sick hamstring and glute pump afterward as well.  I'm guessing some sort of HIIT in the water would be best for fat burning e.g. sprint hella laps, take a break, do some more.
TFW you realize your hips are misaligned Going to do some corrective stretching for the time being. Will talk to the uni PTs if it doesn't get any better.  For a couple of months I've been thinking my right trap was smaller than my left. Turns out my right arm just hangs lower because the right side of my hip is lower.  Anyone gone through something similar? Have been thinking of continuing doing lower body work with very light weights while I get this figured out.
Free food is the best food. Especially as a student. Free deep dish to show up to corporate seminars? I'm bout it. 
Which hamstring stretches work best for you guys? Seems mine are always tight no matter how much I roll them.
That gym looks so nice.  Since its crossfit I cant help but imagine people doing laps around the squat stands with a bar on their backs  
40,035 + 20 = 40,055
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