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Got a FW13 Olive reversed sateen Cinch Pant in a size 32 for sale, if anyone is interested ...
Anyone knows where I can find this one outside of Japan ?  
Hi guys,   I saw there were great deals on themensmarket http://themensmarket.com/brands/Engineered-Garments.html   I was looking for black pants for a while and my size is still here ... Unfortunately they don't ship to Europe (I'm located in France).   I was wondering if one of you could get the items shipped to me in France, I would obviously pay for shipping and add extra $.   Please help a desperate guy who is striving to get his hands on this Matt...
Can you please tell me where you got it ? Please disregard, I just found
Garbstore just received a new batch for FW13.
Nice, I haven't seen that polka dot andover yet, does anyone know a stockist in Europe ?   Can't wait to see other CW for that wool cruiser.     I've been told by a french retail (Antikboutik) that EG quality was not improving so they stop carrying EG. As far as i'm concerned I find quality very goog but i'm into EG since FW12 so I don't have enough "experience" to speak about a lack of quality.   What do you think about the quality evolution of the brand ?
+ 2 for proxy, I would pay more for a US10,5, hope these are 990. PM if someone is willing to get them for me
Payment through paypal only, shipping only to verified addresses.   Shipping fees varies with the model :    Post Overalls : USA : 18€, Europe : 14€ EG : USA : 30€, Europe : 19€   Up for sale is this Post Overalls Mattalini Jacket in size M, New never worn without tag.   Light Denim construction, loads of nice details as usual with this brand.   Price : 120€ but do not hesitate to shoot me sensitive offers. I will consider. Check the photo bucket link for...
 Thanks for the hint regarding the Cruiser, I did not even notice it, I think I mixed up with the CPO Shirt. Interesting version, eager to see the other CW
Anyone knows about the parka releasing this winter ?   As for now I've just seen The Field Parka in both Ripstop and wool, any other color ways for this one ?   Also, the Cruiser does not seem to be in the collection...   If anyone has info regarding parkas it would be great as I need one asap.   Thanks in advance.
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