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McAvity - the Napoleon of Crime Fagin and who's that feller in Wilkie Collins' "The Woman in White"? Count Fosco, or some such name.
A gentleman does not work for his living. ergo I am not a gentleman.
My compliments - one of the best examples of sartorial travel writing I have read. I have just talked my wife into a holiday in Naples.
Coffee fanatic here. I roast my own coffee beans every weekend and use either a French press or a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine to make my coffee. The critical thing, no matter what your prep method, is to grind the beans just before brewing - keeping ground coffee for more than a few minutes sublimates oils and reduces flavor. I prefer the press for reflecting the true varietal taste, and the espresso for when I need more intensity in my coffee. I even travel with a...
This sounds like a British Army shaving kit to me - if so, Col. Littleton has what you're looking for. Most old-fashioned British leather goods dealers should have something like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I bring a typewriter in its travel case. It's very Germany circa 1958. This I'd love to see. In Ritual Coffee, perhaps...
I live in the South Bay, so I shall be around if I'm not off ski-ing in Tahoe. I'd be honored to offer you a libation of your choosing.
If you can, try and sample the rabbit cooked in gueze. Divine...particularly in winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Maybe if I started seeing bikes with license plate numbers visible, lights and signals, and getting pulled over for the blatantly illegal and unsafe moves I see them pull all the time, I'd have more respect for them in general. As it is, there seems to be zero accountability for their behavior, and that is probably the most irritating thing to me. I used to bike to work daily before my daughter was born - I...
Armagnac Isn't Calvados traditionally had in the middle of a meal? I like mine at the end, anyway.
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