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Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Brasky You read it wrong. I think the blog is pretty cool actually. I was just showing how 99% of people are going to view it... they'll read it and only remember the prices. I see. I must say that the price aspect did not strike me reading the blog, but you may be right about the 99% - I'm probably inured to high prices with my exposure to SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Brasky Discussions about $450 pants and $380 shirts are just going to rub a lot of people the wrong way... that's the reality of it... I'm not in the least bit surprised here. It's not something you can explain away by saying, "oh, but these pants are high quality and made by old lady, super master, sandwich artisans from the hills of Italy" ... no one cares; the bottom line is that he's spending outrageous sums (as far as...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing That person appears to be some form of a human gargoyle. Very apropos
I use Linked In for professional contacts, and orkut for family and friends - I have an extended family of more than 150 people, so even they need some organization. I've found orkut really useful to keep in touch with people I do not meet on a regular basis.
Signed and bumped.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I actually don't snack. It is bad for my waistline! I do love beef jerky though. If you are ever in San Francisco, I will take you to a butcher shop that has the best beef jerky on the planet. I am not kidding. Matt, as a Bay Area resident myself, I'd be deeply interested in that butcher shop. I consider jerky one of the unsung gods of the charcuterie pantheon. Oh, and more on topic - I'm not sure that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Requiring more is very, very expensive, and cash-strapped institutions are loathe to spend more on entrance firehoops that will ultimately yield little in terms of predicting performance. Are loath to, surely? Or loth, if you must. Just keeping the pedantry flag flying.
Beautiful work. Its very difficult to capture emotion well in color - she does a superb job with this.
Quote: Originally Posted by darin_arrick Read, my friend. And learn. Learn, my friend. "The musk is in the deer, but it seeks it not within itself: it wanders in quest of grass. "
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Oh, and my namesake (and the original ficticious "Napoleon Of Crime") Ah, but McAvity was more original - after all, he wasn't there.
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