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I found Altstadt a little further from the center of things than I liked (I went with an infant in January, so wanted something very close). I've had good luck with Hotel Am Schubertring - good cafe across the road too. I've also heard good things about Hotel Konig von Ungarn, but haven't stayed there myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Did he really? I never noticed that, however, I did noticed a lot of other historically based cars in Tintin such as Citroens, I believe. Sorry - that was actually a Lincoln Zephyr cabriolet....I'm thinking of the yellow car from "The Seven Crystal Balls" I do remember a Lancia Aurelia in one, though. Edit: Did some more digging: the Lancia is in "The Calculus Affair" Here is an interesting...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trilby Many of the drawings, and especially the cars, boats, aircraft etc., are very accurate drawings of real things. There was book published a few years ago that tracked down the things that inspired Herge, with lots of pictures from the Tintin books next to photographs of the real life inspiration. I have this - "Tintin - A Complete Companion" by Michael Farr. Lovely book. My first Tintin was "Cigars of the...
I highly recommend the Center for Comic Strip Art in Brussels for Tintinophiles - its in beautiful Horta building, and entrance foyer framing a model of the moon rocket on one side and the Citroen 2CV that the Thomson twins used is itself the price of admission. The cafeteria in the museum is also fairly atmospheric.
You, sir, have just sent me off my head. Decisions, decisions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Will this ironing never end?! Regards, Huntsman Huntsman, Here is what I suggest: Post-shower and shave put on some music that will set the tone for the day - I find Art Tatum and Bix Beiderbecke work well for me. Then begin ironing. Once the shirt is ironed, have a cup of espresso. Remember, the coffee should be ground fresh, and the beans roasted less than a fortnight ago. Have the espresso,...
Yup, Foyle's War is on - 4th season. Mystery rocks.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Ha, I wish I could claim to have cleverly engineered that result, but it was dumb luck. I also managed to bloody my friend Neal's nose while he was helping me "practice" for the fight with David. So the people who want to kick your butt knock each other out, and your best friend gets his nose bloodied. Lawyerdad, your cover is blown - Karl Rove, I salute thee.
Looks lovely. What AVA does the vineyard belong to? Can we have a Styleforum special release vintage next year?
Temper, temper
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