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An update on my latest Jantzen shirt timings: Ordered: 05/28/2004 Acknowledged by email from Ricky: 06/22/2004 Card charged/shipped: 06/29/2004 Received: 07/10/2004
Quote: On a sidebar note, here's a "tip of the hat" welcome to you, aargh (great avatar. ). What does your sig mean..."nobody knows everything," or something like that? I'm not a Latin scholar. Thank you, Quill. I'm no Latin scholar myself, but you're pretty close. It means "We cannot all do everything", and is attributed to Virgil. Quote: However, taken individually, I think a great deal of their selection. They obviously put a great...
Been lurking for a while - my first message here. Many thanks to all who make this forum a joy to peruse. More than just the colors, I'm a little surprised that none of the gentlemen, barring the one in the red seersucker jacket, show any shirt cuffs at all. I can buy the argument that Southern dressing is different with regards to color and patterns, but isn't the 0.5 inch cuff sleeve thing more or less universal? Am I missing something? Of course, I shall now be...
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