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The funny thing is that about six years ago, when I bought some Lacoste polos in India, the quality was superb - excellent buttons, lovely cloth, tennis tail, and the croc *was* embroidered on. When someone bought me some two years ago, however, the quality was as abysmal as you describe. Since both sets were made in India, I have no idea what is going on. Something is rotten in the state of Lacoste.
Quote: I drink scotches from all the regions, depending on mood -- their is a whiskey for nearly all moods -- but Highland and Speyside whiskeys are my usual drink. They are elegant and gentle. Available favs for me are Macallan (quite common in a decent bar), Cragganmore, and the aforementioned Dalwhinnie. The Islay scotches are the most distinctive of all, having their malt roasted over peat-fed fires, and believe me, the smoke really comes through. Bowmore is...
Most photographers I know swear by Billingham build quality. I've been planning to get a Hadley Large for a while - house my Contax lenses during weekends, and take my laptop to work during the week. Just keep putting it off - my Lands End canvas bag is holding up pretty well. Another variation on the Billingham theme is Fogg. They seem a little more elegant, but I really don't know anyone who uses them in the field. Palo Alto - would that be Keeble & Shuchat?
Here is a link to a post I made a few days ago about my latest Jantzen shirt order, made a few days before yours. Hope that helps.
Quote: Also I find your endorsement of the subaru forester intriguing. I do a good deal of skiing/downhill racing up in Vermont during the winter months where a high percentage of roads (at least by U.S. standards) are still unpaved. I am always shocked to see that the most common form of transportation up there is the subaru- interesting to here your endorsement. For what its worth, I'm a great fan of the Subaru as well - I currently own an Impreza...
Quill, If you enjoy Umberto Eco, you might like Iain Pears too - specifically "An Instance of the Fingerpost", and "The Dream of Scipio". Both books that play with history and suspense in interesting ways. Another good conspiracy theory/occult/history mixer (if I may be allowed the term) is Arturo Perez-Reverte - try "The Flanders Panel" for another mystery involving art history, and "The Club Dumas" - involving the occult and bibliophiles. The latter was made into...
Casino had some really nicely done music/image work - I remember "Hoochie Coochie Man" when Robert Di Niro's making his rounds of the gaming tables, and "Nights in White Satin" when Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone are making love - really liked the way the way the music made a difference to how we looked at the scene.
I like all the choices - in fact, I've been thinking of getting a shirt for myself in the pink and blue check (#4). Have you considered getting #1 getting stitched on the bias? I think it would look pretty good.
Quote: JJF, therein lies the problem. The question is, must I use RegEdit and manually make changes to restore the way in which .lnk files were handled before? If so, how? It's been a couple years since I last used RegEdit. Sorry - I should have realized about .lnk. Regedit seems to be the way to go - type regedit in the Programs->Run box, and it should be under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT - there seem to be several sub-keys in my computer, but here is what I...
What JJF said will work , but here's what I generally do: Right click on a file with .lnk filetype, and choose "Open With"->"Choose Program...". You should get a window with all the programs currently installed - choose the right one from these, and click the checkbox for "Always use this program." Should work - I've moved between different applications opening the same file type using this.
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